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Changing Between Celsius And Fahrenheit; How To Recall 30 Readings In Memory Mode - Microlife NC 100 Bedienungsanleitung

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vated blue tracking light will indicate the area being
measured. After 3 seconds a long beep will verify the
completion of measurement. If the temple area hasn't
been reached before the long beep is heard, repeat the
measurement as described above, but move the ther-
mometer a little faster.
6. Read the recorded temperature from the LCD display.
Measuring in object mode
1. Follow steps 1-3 above, then aim the thermometer at the
center of the object you want to measure with a distance
of no more than 5 cm. Press the START button 3. After
3 seconds a long beep will verify the completion of
2. Read the recorded temperature from the LCD display.
 Patients and thermometer should stay in similar
room condition for at least 30 minutes.
 Don't take a measurement while or immediately after
nursing a baby.
 Don't use the thermometer in high humidity environments.
 Patients should not drink, eat or exercise before/while
taking the measurement.
 Don't move the measurement device from the
measuring area before hearing the termination beep.
NC 100
 Use an alcohol swab to carefully clean the probe and
wait for 15 minutes before taking a measurement on
another patient.
 10 short beeps and a red LCD backlight alert the patient
that he/she may have a temperature equal to or higher
than 37.5 °C.
 Always take the temperature in the same location, since
temperature readings may vary according to locations.
 Doctors recommend rectal measurement for newborn
infants within the first 6 months, as all other measuring
methods might lead to ambiguous results. If using a non
contact thermometer on those infants, we always recom-
mend verifying the readings with a rectal measurement.
 In the following situations it is recommended that three
temperatures are taken with the highest one taken as
the reading:
1. Children under three years of age with a compromised
immune system and for whom the presence or
absence of fever is critical.
2. When the user is learning how to use the thermometer
for the first time until he/she has familiarized himself/
herself with the device and obtains consistent readings.
3. If the measurement is surprisingly low.
 Readings from different measuring sites should not
be compared as the normal body temperature varies
by measuring site and time of day, being highest in the
evening and lowest about one hour before waking up.
Normal body temperature ranges:
- Axillar: 34.7 - 37.3 °C / 94.5 - 99.1 °F
- Oral: 35.5 - 37.5 °C / 95.9 - 99.5 °F
- Rectal: 36.6 - 38.0 °C / 97.9 - 100.4 °F
- Microlife NC 100: 35.4 - 37.4 °C / 95.7 - 99.3 °F

7. Changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit

This thermometer can display temperature readings in either
Fahrenheit or Celsius. To switch the display between °C and
°F, simply turn OFF the unit, press and hold the START
button 3 for 5 seconds; after 5 seconds, the current
measurement scale («°C» or «°F» icon) will flash on the
display AO. Change the measurement scale between °C and
°F by pressing the START button 3. When the measure-
ment scale has been chosen, wait for 5 seconds and the unit
will automatically enter the «ready for measuring» mode.

8. How to recall 30 readings in Memory Mode

This thermometer can recall the last 30 readings.
 Recall mode AP: Press the START button 3 to enter
Recall mode when power is off. The memory icon «M»
will flash.



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