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C Fixed Voltage Mains Device; D Pc Connection; Disposal; What To Do In Case Of Malfunction - Conrad MXC-2800 Bedienungsanleitung



Verfügbare Sprachen

Verfügbare Sprachen

• Connect the specified signal lines to the counter input and measurement circuit
(generator, oscillator, etc.).
• Set the function switch to channel TOT.
• Gate time cannot be adjusted and no units of any kind are displayed.
• Pressing the hold button displays the frozen pulse value, but the counter conti-
nues running internally. Repressing the hold button, i.e. unfreezing the measu-
rement, displays a (much) higher pulse value than appeared before using the
hold function.
• To reset the display to zero, press the button TOT.

C Fixed voltage mains device

Important ! Safety measures !
• Ahead of switching the device on, check that the mains voltage
adjustment switch is correctly set and that the mains fuse is
• Protect the device from damage from falling to the ground or
mechanical damage by falling objects.
• Do not connect the „+" and „-" terminals.
• Never obstruct the ventilation openings located at top and bot-
tom of the device.
• Never undershoot the max. permitted load of 5 ohms at the
5V/1A output (15 ohms at the 15V/1A output).
Connect consumer devices to either the 5 V or 15 V output according to input volta-
ge, observing correct polarity. Both outputs are independently protected against
overload and shorting via a separate current limiting circuit:
a) Fixed voltage output 5V / 1A: protected by a fixed current limit (stabilizer circuit).
If the load current exceeds the value 1.3 A max., output voltage is adjusted
c) Fixed voltage output 5V / 1A: protected by a fixed current limit (stabilizer circuit).
If the load current exceeds the value 1.3 A max., output voltage is adjusted

D PC connection

A serial RS-232 interface is included on the back panel of both models of the
frequency counter, MXC-1600 and MXC-2800. Using an appropriate interface cable
and the optional software, it is thus possible to send the contents of the display to an
IBM-compatible PC. The interface is, of course, fitted with an optocoupler.
Connect an RS-232 interface cable to the deactivated frequency counter and to a
serial interface of the deactivated computer. After connection, switch both frequency
counter and computer back on.


If your frequency counter has become irreparably dysfunctional, please dispose of it
according to current legal regulations!

What to do in case of malfunction

In purchasing the frequency counter, models MXC-1600 or MXC-2800, you have
acquired a state-of-the-art product which is operationally safe. Even so, mal-
functions may occur. This section tells you how to deal easily with some of these
possible malfunctions:
Possible solution
No display
Is the device switched on ?
Is the mains plug making correct contact, both at the
device and at the socket?
Is the mains fuse OK ?
Frequency display „0....."
Is the correct channel (CHAN A or B or C) set?
Is one of the special functions active
(A/B, A=>B, A - B, A + B, TOT)?
Is the hold function (display shows HOLD) still active?
Is the signal line connected to the correct input?

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