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Warranty And Service Information; Warranty Terms; Extent Of Warranty - Parkside PSH 3 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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Troubleshooting / Warranty and service information / Warranty terms
The reaction is slow.
The visibility is poor.
The welding helmet slips.
Warranty and service
Creative Marketing Consulting GmbH
Dear customer, the warranty for this device is 3 years
from the date of purchase. In the event of product
defects, you have legal rights against the retailer of
this product. Your statutory rights are not limited in
any way by our warranty detailed below.

Warranty terms

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase.
Please keep the original receipt in a safe place.
This document is required as your proof of purchase.
Should this device show any fault in materials or
manufacture within 3 years from the date of pur-
chase, it will be repaired or replaced - at our choice
- by us free of charge. This warranty is conditional
on the defective device and the receipt of purchase
being presented within the 3 year warranty period,
and that there is a brief written description of the
nature of the defect and of the date it arose.
The ambient temperature is too
low / high.
The sensitivity is too low.
The protector / the protective
screen is dirty.
The protective film on the protec-
tive screen was not removed.
The ambient light is not sufficient. Apply more light to your work
The wrong darkening shade has
been set.
The headband
has been put
on incorrectly.
If the defect is covered by our warranty, you will
receive the product which has been repaired or a
new product. A repair or exchange of the device
does not begin a new warranty period.

Extent of warranty

The appliance has been manufactured to strict
quality guidelines and meticulously examined be-
fore delivery.
The warranty applies to defects in material or man-
ufacture. This warranty does not apply to product
parts subject to normal wear and tear and which
can therefore be considered as wear items, or to
damage to fragile parts, e.g. switches, storage bat-
teries or glass parts.
This warranty becomes void if the device has been
damaged or improperly used or maintained. All in-
structions provided in the instructions for use must be
followed strictly to constitute proper use of the prod-
uct. Purposes and practices which the operating in-
structions warn of or advise against must be avoided
without fail.
Only use the welding helmet in
temperatures between -5 °C and
+55 °C.
Set the sensitivity to a higher
Clean the protector and the pro-
tective screen.
Remove the protective film.
Reset the darkening shade.
Put on the headband




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