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List Of Pictograms Used - Parkside 270751 Montage-, Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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List of pictograms used

List of pictograms used
Read instructions for use!
Power input;
phase number, as well as
Alternating current symbol and
1 ~ 50 Hz
rated value of the frequency
Do not dispose of electrical
equipment in household waste!
Do not use the device outdoors
and never in rain!
Electric shock from the welding
electrode can be fatal
Inhaling welding smoke can be
hazardous to your health.
Welding sparks can cause an
explosion or fi re.
Arc rays can damage the eyes
and injure the skin.
Electromagnetic fi elds can inter-
fere with the functionality of
Attention, potential dangers!
30 GB
270751_Inverter Schweissgeraet PISG 80 A1_content_FR.indd 30
Potential of serious to
fatal injuries.
Caution! Risk of electric shock!
Important notice!
Dispose of packaging and
device in an environmental-
ly-friendly way!
Manual arc welding with
covered electrodes
Protection type
Suitable for welding with in-
creased electric risk
Single phase static frequency
converter-transformer rectifi er
Insulation class
Direct current
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