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Safety Hazards During Arc Welding - Parkside 270751 Montage-, Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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Safety information
This device may be used by children aged 16
years and up, as well as by persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capacities, or lacking
experience and / or knowledge, so long as they
are supervised or instructed in the safe use of
the device and understand the associated risks.
Do not allow children to play with the appliance.
Cleaning and user maintenance should not be
performed by children without supervision.
Only have repairs and / or maintenance
performed by electrically skilled persons.
Only use the welding cables included
(PISG 80 A1 H01N2-D1x10 mm²).
During use the equipment should not be located
directly against a wall, be covered, or be jammed
between other equipment to ensure ample air
can be taken in through the ventilation louvres.
Verify the equipment is correctly connected to
the mains voltage. Avoid any tensile load on the
mains. Unplug the mains plug from the socket
before transferring the equipment to a different
Always switch the equipment off with the ON /
OFF switch when not in use. Set the electrode
holder down on an insulated pad and allow to
cool for 15 minutes before removing the elec-
trodes from the holder.
Pay attention to the condition of the welding
cables, the electrode holders and the earth ter-
minals. Worn insulation and conducting parts
can produce hazards and reduce the welding
Arc welding produces sparks, melted metal
parts and smoke. Therefore note: Remove any
flammable substances and / or materials from
the work area and its immediate surroundings.
Ensure the work area is ventilated.
Do not weld atop containers, receptacles or
pipes, which do or did contain flammable liq-
uids or gasses.
Avoid any direct contact with
the welding circuit. The no-load voltage between
the electrode holder and earth terminal can be
dangerous, there is a risk of electric shock.
Do not store or use the equipment in a moist or
wet environment or in the rain. The Protection
Provision IP21S applies in this respect.
32 GB
270751_Inverter Schweissgeraet PISG 80 A1_content_FR.indd 32
Protect the eyes with the appropriate safety
glass (DIN Grad 9- 10) to be installed in the
included welding shield. Use gloves and dry
protective clothing free from oil and grease to
protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and the arc.
Do not use the welding power
source to thaw pipes.
The arc ray can damage the eyes and cause
burns to the skin.
Arc welding produces sparks and drops of
molten metal, the welded work piece begins to
glow and remains very hot for a relatively long
time. Therefore do not touch the work piece
with bare hands.
Arc welding releases noxious fumes. Be careful
not to inhale these as best possible.
Protect yourself from the dangerous effects of
the arc and keep persons not involved in the
work at least 2 m away from the arc.
Depending on mains conditions at the connec-
tion point, operating the welding equipment may
interfere with the voltage supply for other loads.
When in doubt, please contact your power
supply company.
Operating the welding equipment may inter-
fere with the functionality of other devices, e.g.
hearing aids, pacemakers, etc.
Safety hazards
during arc welding
Arc welding produces a variety of safety hazards.
It is therefore particularly important for the welder
to observe the following rules to avoid putting him-
self and others in danger and to prevent damage
to persons and the equipment
Only have work to the mains voltage end, e.g.
to cables, plugs, outlets, etc. performed by a
electrically skilled person in accordance with
national and local regulations.
In the event of an accident, immediately dis-
connect the welding equipment from the mains
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