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General Instructions - Blaupunkt Arrifana 12C Bedienungsanleitung

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General instructions

1.1 Checks to the area
Prior to beginning work on systems containing flammable
refrigerants, safety checks are necessary to ensure that the risk
of ignition is minimised. For repair to the refrigerating system,
the following precautions shall be complied with prior to
conducting work on the system.
1.2 Work procedure
Work shall be undertaken under a controlled procedure so as
to minimise the risk of a flammable gas or vapour being
present while the work is being performed.
1.3 General work area
All maintenance staff and others working in the local area shall
be instructed on the nature of work being carried out. Work in
confined spaces shall be avoided. The area around the
workspace shall be sectioned off. Ensure that the conditions
within the area have been made safe by control of flammable
1.4 Checking for presence of refrigerant
The area shall be checked with an appropriate refrigerant
detector prior to and during work, to ensure the technician
is aware of potentially flammable atmospheres. Ensure that