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Decommissioning - Blaupunkt Arrifana 12C Bedienungsanleitung

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but the use of detergents containing chlorine shall be avoided
as the chlorine may react with the refrigerant and corrode the
copper pipe-work. lf a leak is suspected, all naked
flames shall be removed but prior to commissioning. A follow up
leak test shall be carried out prior to leaving the site.


Before carrying out this procedure, it is essential that the technician
is completely familiar with the equipment and all its detail. lt is
recommended good practice that all refrigerants are recovered
Prior to the task being carried out, an oil and refrigerant
sample shall be taken in case analysis is required prior to re-use of
reclaimed refrigerant. lt is essential that electrical power is available
before the task
is commenced.
Become familiar with the
equipment and its operation.
lsolate system electrically.
Before attempting the procedure ensure that:
mechanical handling equipment is available, if required, for
handling refrigerant cylinders;