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Repairs To Sealed Components - Blaupunkt Arrifana 12C Bedienungsanleitung

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components are constructed of materials which are inherently
resistant to being corroded or are suitably protected against
being so corroded.
1. 9 Checks to electrical devices
Repair and maintenance to electrical components shall
include initial safety checks and component inspection
procedures. lf a fault exists that could compromise safety, then
no electrical supply shall be connected to the circuit until
it is satisfactorily dealt with. lf the fault cannot be corrected
immediately but it is necessary to continue operation, an
adequate temporary solution shall be used.
that capacitors are discharged: this shall be done in a safe manner
to avoid possibility of sparking;
that there no live electrical components and wiring are
exposed while charging, recovering or purging the system;
• that there is continuity of earth bonding.

Repairs to sealed components

2.1 During repairs to sealed components, all electrical supplies
shall be disconnected from the equipment being worked
upon prior to any removal of sealed covers, etc. lf it is
absolutely necessary to have an electrical supply to equipment