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Specific Information Regarding Appliances With R290/R32 Refrigerant Gas - Blaupunkt Arrifana 12C Bedienungsanleitung

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that flammable refrigerant does not remain within the lubricant.
The evacuation process shall be carried out prior to
returning the compressor to the suppliers. Only electric heating
to the compressor body shall be employed to accelerate this
process. When oil is drained from a system, it shall be carried out
Specific information regarding
appliances with R290/R32 refrigerant
● Thoroughly read all of the warnings.
● When defrosting and cleaning the appliance, do not use any tools
other than those recommended by the manufacturing company.
● The appliance must be placed in an area without any continuous
sources of ignition (for example: open flames, gas or electrical
appliances in operation).
● Do not puncture and do not burn.
● Refrigerant gases can be odourless.
● The appliance must be installed, used and stored in an area that is
greater than 13 m
● R290/R32 is a refrigerant gas that complies with the European
directives on the environment. Do not puncture any part of the
refrigerant circuit.