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Multi-Purpose Ladder
Familiarise yourself with the product before using it for the first
time. In addition please refer carefully to the operating instructions
below and the safety advice. Use the product only as described
and for the indicated purpose. Keep these instructions in a safe place. If you
pass the product on to anyone else, please ensure that you also pass on all
the documentation.
Intended use
The product is designed for use outdoors. Any use other than that described
or any modification of the product is not permissible and may result in injury
and / or damage to the product. The manufacturer is not liable for damage
caused by improper use. The product is not intended for commercial use.
Description of parts
Ladder frame
Ladder hinge
Release lever
Blocking device
Plastic foot
Base bar
Ladder stringer
Storage tray
Technical data
approx. 35 x 127 x 21 cm (W x H x D)
Max. overall length:
approx. 4.17 m
Max. load:
150 kg
Aluminium, steel, plastic
Scope of delivery
1 x Ladder frame
2 x Base bar
4 x Screw
4 x Washer
1 x Storage tray
1 x Directions for use
Safety instructions
General safety instructions
accIDenTS for InfanTS anD chILDren! Never
leave children unattended with the packaging material or the
product. The packaging material can cause danger of suffocation and
danger to life by strangulation. Children often underestimate the danger.
Always keep children away from this product. This product is not a toy.
B efore using the ladder, please observe the icons on the attached stickers.
You must strictly comply with them in order to avoid accidents.
Maximum total load 150 kg. The weight of the user plus tools
and other materials must not exceed 150 kg.
150 kg
71609_pow_Alu-Teleskopleiter_Content_LB7.indd 3
DanGer To LIfe anD rISk of
Introduction / Safety instructions
D o not try to repair a damaged ladder yourself. Always have a
professional carry out any repairs.
B e particularly careful if there is any wind, rain or frost.
K eep the ladder clean and remove any dirt. Keep the ladder try to
avoid any slippage or toppling over.
Safety instructions with regard to setting
up the ladder
B efore using it, check all parts of the ladder. Do not use the ladder if any
parts are missing, damaged or worn.
D o not use any attachments, components or accessories that have not
been expressly approved for this ladder.
C heck all blocking devices
. Before using the ladder, make sure that
all blocking devices
are locked in place.
O nly set the ladder up on a dry and firm subsurface. Never try to
increase the working height by placing the ladder on other objects.
D o not use the ladder on slippery surfaces.
m When using the ladder on surfaces which are not at the same level,
please ensure that the ladder is set up at the correct angle (as shown
in fig. B).
D o not try to turn part of a ladder when the ladder has not been
completely unlocked.
N ever try to operate the release lever
is jammed, it has to be released. To do so, lift the ladder part a
little and then operate the release lever
D o not stand on the ladder when releasing a blocking device
D o not pull on a blocking device
yourself or damage the ladder. Please note that such damage is not
covered by the guaranty / warranty.
m cauTIon! rISk of cruShInG! You must be particularly careful
when extending and folding up the ladder. Keep away from moving
parts and the blocking devices
D o not place the ladder in front of doors that have not been locked.
D o not use the ladder as a bridging structure.
M ake sure that all plastic feet
B e particularly careful when you set the ladder up on protective film,
a carpet or other protective subsurfaces. The plastic feet
have enough grip and may, therefore, slip.
T he use of frame attachments is prohibited for this ladder.
a ttention! Metal is an electrical conductor! Make sure that no part
of the ladder is touching a live cable.
Safety instructions for using the ladder
DanGer To LIfe anD DanGer of accIDenTS! Do
not pull too hard on objects and do not exert any strong pressure on ob-
jects when you are on the ladder. This could make the ladder topple over
and could injure or kill you.
D o not use the ladder if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or
strong medication. Do not use the ladder if you are ill or do not feel well.
D o not use the ladder if it is wet, damaged or if it has become slippery
because of water, ice or snow.
W ear non-slip footwear when using the ladder.
B e careful when getting on or off the ladder.
A lways hold on tightly to the ladder and always face the ladder when
getting on and off the ladder.
D o not try to change the location of the ladder when you are standing
on it. Get off the ladder first and then change the position of the ladder.
Then get onto the ladder again.
D o not lean out too far when you are on the ladder. Keep the centre of
your body between the ladder stringers
the same rung
M ake sure that no-one is under the ladder when it is in use.
T his ladder is not a toy and is not suitable for use by children. Make sure
that the ladder cannot be used by children. Do not leave the ladder
unattended after you have set it up.
D o not use the top three rungs of the ladder as a platform if you are
with strong force. If the release
with strong force. You may injure
are firmly on the floor.
may not
and stand with both feet on
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  • Seite 1 Introduction / Safety instructions Multi-Purpose Ladder J D o not try to repair a damaged ladder yourself. Always have a professional carry out any repairs. J B e particularly careful if there is any wind, rain or frost. Introduction Q J K eep the ladder clean and remove any dirt.
  • Seite 2 Safety instructions / Assembly / Before use using the ladder as a lean-to ladder (see Figure B). J D o not use the top two rungs of the ladder as a platform if you are using the ladder as a stepladder (see Figure B). Do not use the ladder as a bridge.
  • Seite 3 Use / Repairs, maintenance and storage / Cleaning and care / Disposal Q extending / shortening the ladder (figure c) Q 1. Pull the blocking device on both sides of the ladder in the direction of arrow 1 out of their receptacles in the ladder stringers 2.
  • Seite 4 Uvod / Sigurnosne upute aluminijske teleskopske ljestve J N e pokušavajte samostalno popravljati oštećene ljestve. Prepustite popravke isključivo stručnoj osobi. J B udite posebno oprezni na vjetru, kiši ili u slučaju mraza. uvod Q J O državajte ljestve čiste i odstranite sva onečišćenja. Održavajte ljestve čiste, kako se nebi na njima poskliznuli ili kako se one nebi prevrnule.
  • Seite 5 Sigurnosne upute / Montaža / Prije uporabe J N e rabite gornje dvije stube / nagaznice ljestvi kao platformu, ako rabite ljestve kao stajaće ljestve (vidite prikaz B). J N a okviru ljestvi nalaze se naljepnice sa prikazima za sigurnu uporabu Ne rabite ljestve nikad kao most.
  • Seite 6 Uporaba / Popravke, redovito održavanje i skladištenje / Čišćenje i njega / Zbrinjavanje otpada uporaba Q Produljivanje / skraćivanje ljestvi (prikaz c) Q 1. Izvucite zapornu napravu na obim stranama ljestvi u smjeru strijelice 1 iz prijema stremena 2. Zavijte zaporne naprave na stremen 3.
  • Seite 7 Introducere / Indicaţii de siguranţă Scară telescopică din aluminiu J Încărcare maximă totală 150 kg. Greutatea utilizatorului plus uneltele şi alte materiale nu au voie să depăşească 150 kg. 150 kg Introducere Q J N u încercaţi să reparaţi o scară defectă. Dispuneţi efectuarea lucrărilor de reparaţie întotdeauna de către un specialist.
  • Seite 8 Indicaţii de siguranţă / Montaj / Înainte de utilizare copii. Asiguraţi ca scara să nu poată fi folosită de către copii. Nu lăsaţi scara nesupravegheată atunci când, aţi amplasat-o. J N u folosiţi primele trei trepte / scări ca suprafaţă de staţionare atunci, Coborârea laterală...
  • Seite 9 Înainte de utilizare / Utilizare / Reparaţie, revizie şi depozitare / Curăţare şi întreţinere / Înlăturare j Î ncuiaţi toate uşile sau ferestrele (însă nu ieşirile de urgenţă) din zona de folosire a scării. utilizare Prelungire / scurtare scară (fig. c) 1.
  • Seite 10 Въведение / Указания за безопасност ТЕЛЕСКОПИЧНА АЛУМИНИЕВА СТЪЛБА J Максимално общо натоварване 150 kg. Теглото на по- требителя заедно с инструментите и другите материали 150 kg не бива да надвишава 150 kg. Въведение Q J Н е се опитвайте да ремонтирате сами повредена стълба. Извърш- вайте...
  • Seite 11 Указания за безопасност / Монтаж / Преди употреба Не се протягайте твърде надалеч, когато сте върху стълбата. Дръжте средата на тялото си между двете носещи греди и стойте на Не стойте върху двете най-горни стъпала на стояща стълба едно и също стъпало с...
  • Seite 12 ... / Употреба / Ремонт, техническо обслужване и ... / Изхвърляне на отпадъците / Изхвърляне на отпадъците j О гледайте стълбата преди употреба. Проверете функциите и из- правността на всички части. Смажете блокировките , ако те се движат трудно. j О...
  • Seite 13 Εισαγωγή / Υποδείξεις ασφάλειας Τηλεσκοπική σκάλα αλουμινίου J Π ριν από τη χρήση της σκάλας, λάβετε υπόψη τα εικονογράμματα στα τοποθετημένα αυτοκόλλητα. Τηρήστε τα με ακρίβεια, προς αποφυγή ατυχημάτων. Εισαγωγή Q J Μέγιστη συνολική καταπόνηση 150 kg. Το βάρος του χρήστη συμπεριλαμβανομένων...
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  • Seite 15 Πριν από τη χρήση / Χρήση / Επιδιόρθωση, συντήρηση και αποθήκευση / Καθαρισμός και συντήρηση / Απόρριψη Πριν από τη χρήση Απόρριψη Q Q j Α ποφύγετε τις βλάβες κατά τη μεταφορά της σκάλας σε μπαγκαζιέρες ή Η συσκευασία και το υλικό συσκευασίας αποτελούνται αποκλειστικά σε...
  • Seite 16 Einleitung / Sicherheitshinweise alu-Teleskopleiter J Maximale Gesamtbelastung 150 kg. Das Gewicht des Benutzers zuzüglich Werkzeuge und anderer Materialien 150 kg darf 150 kg nicht überschreiten. einleitung Q J V ersuchen Sie nicht selbst, eine beschädigte Leiter zu reparieren. Lassen Sie Reparaturen immer von einem Fachmann durchführen. J Machen Sie sich vor der ersten Inbetriebnahme mit dem Produkt S eien Sie besonders vorsichtig bei Wind, Regen oder Frost.
  • Seite 17 Sicherheitshinweise / Montage J V ersuchen Sie nicht, den Standpunkt der Leiter zu verändern, wenn Sie sich Warnung! Stecken Sie keinen Finger in das Loch an der Seite auf der Leiter befinden. Steigen Sie zuerst von der Leiter ab und stellen des Leiterrahmens.
  • Seite 18 Vor dem Gebrauch / Gebrauch / Reparatur, Wartung und Lagerung / Reinigung und Pflege / Entsorgung Vor dem Gebrauch entsorgung Q Q j V ermeiden Sie Schäden beim Transport von Leitern auf Dachträgern oder Die Verpackung besteht aus umweltfreundlichen Materialien, in einem Lastkraftwagen.
  • Seite 19 You need · Potrebno Vam je Aveţi nevoie de următoarele Необходими са Ви · Χρειάζεστε Sie benötigen: 65°-75° 650-750 71609_pow_Alu-Teleskopleiter_Content_LB7.indd 21 15.11.10 11:51...