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Multi-Protocol Operation - Märklin 60948 Handbuch

Nachrüstdecoder-set diesel-lok; nachrüstdecoder-set elektro-lok


Plug the decoder into the circuit board and make sure you
have plugged it in correctly. Place the model, with the body
left off, on the programming track and test it. If the decoder
works with no problems, the body can be put on the locomo-
This jumper enables you to reverse the direction. This is
necessary if the headlights go on in one direction and
the locomotive runs in the other direction.
= normal direction of travel
= reversed direction of travel
If you remove one jumper, the headlights in this direction
of travel are always off.

Multi-Protocol Operation

Analog Operation
This decoder can also be operated on analog layouts or
areas of track that are analog. The decoder recognizes
alternating current or direct current voltage (AC/DC) and
automatically adapts to the analog track voltage. All func-
tions that were set under mfx or DCC for analog operation
are active (see Digital Operation).
Digital Operation
The mSD sound decoders are multi-protocol decoders.
These decoders can be used under the following digital
protocols: mfx, DCC, fx (MM).
The digital protocol with the most possibilities is the highest
order digital protocol. The sequence of digital protocols in
descending order is:
Priority 1: mfx
Priority 2: DCC
Priority 3: fx (MM)
Note: Digital protocols can influence each other. For trouble-
free operation, we recommend deactivating those digital
protocols not needed by using CV 50. Deactivate unneeded
digital protocols at this CV if your controller supports this
If two or more digital protocols are recognized in the track,
the decoder automatically takes on the highest order digital
protocol, example: mfx/DCC; the decoder takes on the mfx
digital protocol (see previous table).



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