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Personal Safety; Careful Handling And Use Of Electrical Power Tools - Parkside PFS 710 A1 Betriebsanleitung

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General safety advice for electrical power tools
the mains plug out of the mains socket.
Keep the mains lead away from heat,
oil, sharp edges or moving parts of the
device. Damaged or tangled mains leads
increase the risk of electric shock.
e) When working outdoors with an
electrical power tool always use ex-
tension cables that are also approved
for use outdoors. The use of an extension
cable suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk
of electric shock.
f) Use a residual current device (RCD)
for protection if operating the electri-
cal power tool in a moist environment
is unavoidable. The use of an RCD reduces
the risk of electric shock.

3. Personal safety

a) Remain alert at all times, watch what
you are doing and always proceed
with caution. Do not use the device if
you are tired or under the influence of
drugs, alcohol or medication. One moment
of carelessness when using the device can lead
to serious injury.
Wear personal protective
equipment and always wear
safety glasses. The wearing of
personal protective equipment such as dust
masks, non-slip safety shoes, safety helmets or
ear protectors, appropriate to the type of elec-
trical power tool used and work undertaken,
reduces the risk of injury.
c) Avoid unintentional operation of the
device. Check that the electrical power
tool is switched off before you connect
it to the mains, pick it up or carry it.
Accidents can happen if you carry the device
with your finger on the ON / OFF switch or with
the device switched on.
d) Remove any setting tools or spanners
before you switch the device on. A tool
or spanner left attached to a rotating part of a
device can lead to injury.
e) Avoid placing your body in an unnat-
ural position. Keep proper footing
and balance at all times. By doing this
you will be in a better position to control the
device in unforeseen circumstances.
f) Wear suitable clothing. Do not wear
loose clothing or jewellery. Keep your
hair, clothing and gloves clear of mov-
ing parts. Loose clothing, jewellery or long
hair can become trapped in moving parts.
g) If vacuum dust extraction and collection
devices are fitted do not forget to check
that they are properly connected and
correctly used. The use of these devices
reduces the hazard presented by dust.
4. Careful handling and use
of electrical power tools
a) Do not overload the device. Always
use an electrical power tool that is
intended for the task you are under-
taking. By using the right electrical power
tool for the job you will work more safely and
achieve a better result.
b) Do not use an electrical power tool if
its switch is defective. An electrical power
tool that can no longer be switched on and off
is dangerous and must be repaired.
c) Pull the mains plug from the socket
before you make any adjustments to
the device, change accessories or when
the device is put away. This precaution is
intended to prevent you from unintentionally
starting the device.
d) When not in use always ensure that
electrical power tools are kept out of
reach of children. Do not let anyone use
the device if he or she is not familiar
with it or has not read the instructions
and advice. Electrical power tools are dan-
gerous when they are used by inexperienced
e) Look after the device carefully. Check
that moving parts are working prop-
erly and move freely. Check for any
parts that are broken or damaged
enough to detrimentally affect the
functioning of the device. Have dam-

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