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Transport; Cleaning And Maintenance; Storage; Electrical Connection - Parkside PTBMOD 710 A1 Originalbetriebsanleitung

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10.8 Switching on/off (fig. 1)
m Make sure that the chuck guard (13) is folded
down before switching on.
Switching on: Press the on switch (11) to switch the device
Switching off: Press the off switch (10) to switch the device
10.9 Drilling procedure (fig. 1)
1. Align the workpiece and clamp it.
2. Start the device and set the speed.
3. For drilling, move the handle (8) with uniform feed until the
desired drilling depth is reached. When drilling into metal,
interrupt the downward pressure briefly to break the swarf.
4. After reaching the drilling depth, return the handle (8) to the
starting position.
5. Switch the device off.

11. Transport

• To transport the device hold it by the base plate (1).

12. Cleaning and maintenance

m Warning! Pull out the mains plug before carrying out any
adjustments, maintenance or repair work!
12.1 General maintenance tasks
Wipe swarf and dust off the machine from time to time with a
cloth. Oil the rotating parts once monthly to extend the life of
the tool. Do not oil the motor.
Do not use corrosive agents for cleaning the plastic.
m Have tasks that are not described in this operat-
ing manual, carried out by a specialist workshop.
Use only original parts. Let the device cool down
before all maintenance and cleaning tasks.
m There is a risk of burn!
Before using the device each time, check the device for obvi-
ous defects such as worn or damaged parts, correct seating of
screws or other parts. Replace damaged parts.
12.2 Cleaning
Do not use cleaning agents or solvents. Chemical substances
could damage the plastic parts of the device. Never clean the
device under running water.
• Clean the device thoroughly after each use.
• Clean the ventilation holes and the surface of the device
with a soft brush or cloth.
• Remove swarf, dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner if nec-
• Lubricate the moving parts regularly.
12.3 Maintenance
The device has no parts that require maintenance.
12.4 Replacing the chuck (fig. 4/9)
m Warning! Pull out the mains plug!
Tools required (not included in the scope of delivery):
1x open-ended wrench 27 mm
• Remove the insert tool (F) as described in 10.3.2.
• Tighten the clamping sleeve (E) firmly by turning the chuck
key clockwise.
• Hold the chuck with one hand while using the open-ended
wrench (27 mm) to lower the nut (H) clockwise.
• Once the chuck is loosened from the shaft seat, it can be
• Fasten the new chuck in reverse order.
When replacing the chuck, use only chucks approved by the
Order number: 390 6814 001
12.5 Service information
Please note that the following parts of this product are sub-
ject to normal or natural wear and that the following parts are
therefore also required for use as consumables.
Wear parts*: Carbon brushes, drill bit
* Not necessarily included in the scope of delivery!

13. Storage

Store the equipment and accessories out of children's reach in
a dark and dry place at above freezing temperature. The ideal
storage temperature is between 5 and 30 °C.
Store the electric tool in its original packaging.
Cover the electrical tool in order to protect it from dust and
Store the operating manual with the electrical tool.

14. Electrical connection

The electrical motor installed is connected and
ready for operation. The connection complies with
the applicable VDE and DIN provisions. The cus-
tomer's mains connection as well as the extension
cable used must also comply with these regula-
14.1 Important information
In the event of overloading, the motor will switch itself off. After
a cool-down period (time varies) the motor can be switched
back on again.
14.2 Faulty power supply cables
Insulation damage often occurs at power supply cables.
Causes are:
• Pressure points when power supply cables are routed
through the window or door gaps
• Bends due to improper fastening or guiding of the power
supply cables.