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Installation Instructions - HANSGROHE AXOR Starck 40140000 Gebrauchsanleitung, Montageanleitung



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Safety Notes
Gloves should be worn during installation to prevent
crushing and cutting injuries.
Installation and tests are to be performed by an
approved electrician, taking VDE 0100, Part
701 into account. It's a Legal Requirement for the
Installation and wiring to conform to current IEE
Electrical and Building regulations.
Any work may only be carried out in a de-energized
This product is designed for use into dry areas of the
bathroom (Zone 3) only.
During operation this lamp will get hot. A minimum
distance of 50cm should be maintained, away from
inflammable items.

Installation Instructions

• Prior to installation, inspect the product for transport
damages. After it has been installed, no transport or
surface damage will be honoured.
• Only use fastening material suitable for the brickwork!
The enclosed screws and dowels are only for solid
Technical Data
Nominal voltage:
Protection class
Standards and guidelines
DIN EN 60598-1:2009-09
EN 60598-1:2008 + A11:2009-05
DIN VDE 0711 Part 201:1991-09
EN 60598-2-1:1989
230 V
40 W / E14 / C35
IP 20
Assemblysee page 32
Symbol description
Beware of dangerous electrical
Spare parts (see page 31)
Cleaning instructions mirror
Remove marks (cremes, cosmetics etc.) with a chamois
leather that has been rinsed in hot water and wrung
out well. Always wipe around the edges with a clean,
dry cloth. Do not use glass or window cleaner or other
chemicals, as these may damage the silver coating
and cause brown marks. We cannot accept liability or
provide guarantee cover if these instructions are ignored.
Cleaning instructions light
• Switch off light.
• Wipe surface with a soft dry or damp cloth.
• Ensure no moisture or fluid into the light.
• Do not use cleaners containing acids, abrasive
material or acetic acid.
• The cover for the light can be removed for cleaning.
After cleaning with warm soapy water or a mild
household cleaner rinse the cover with clean watter
and then polish
• Damage caused by using incorrect cleaners or misuse
is not covered by our guarantee.



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