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Handle the pump with care. Do not pull or carry the pump by the
power cord. Never pull a plug from the outlet by yanking the power
cord. Keep cord free from abrasions. Sharp objects, oil, moving
parts, and heat should never be exposed to the filter pump.
Please examine equipment before use. Notify Bestway at the
customer service address listed on this manual for any damaged or
missing parts at the time of purchase. Verify that the equipment
components represent the filter pump model that you had intended
to purchase.
Place pump on a solid and level ground. Pay attention to position
of pool and pump so adequate ventilation, drainage, and access
for cleaning is available. Never place pump in an area that may
accumulate water, or in an area where foot traffic will flow around
the pool.
It is necessary to have the plug accessible after installation of the
Keep the transformer away from the pool and the filter pump more
than 3.5m.
Atmospheric conditions may affect the performance and life span
of your filter pump. Unnecessary wear and tear may occur during
periods of cold, heat and exposure to sun. Whenever possible
shelter pump from these conditions.
It is important to ensure the factory equipped stopper plugs for the
inlet and outlet ports replace the screens before removal or
maintenance on the pump is attempted.
Do not add chemicals in the filter pump.
Don't plug or unplug the appliance if hand is wet.
Always unplug the appliance:
• On raining days
• Before cleaning or other maintenance
• Leave it unattended on holidays
When the appliance will be not used for a long time, such as in the
winter, the pool set should be disassembled and stored indoor.
CAUTION - Read the instruction before using the appliance and



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