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- The safety of your children depends only on you! Children under 5 years old at
greatest risk. The accident does not happen only to other people! Be ready to face it!
- Supervise and take action:
• Always supervise children from nearby;
• Assign at least one person in charge of the safety;
• Increase supervision if there are several people in the swimming pool;
• Wet your neck, arms and legs before entering the pool;
• Learn the necessary rescue operations, especially those relating to rescuing children;
• Prohibit diving and jumping;
• Prohibit running and playing games on the edge of the swimming pool;
• Do not leave toys near or in an unsupervised swimming pool;
• Always keep the pool water clean;
• Keep the products needed for water treatment outside the reach of children;
- Place an accessible telephone near the pool so that the children will never be out of
supervision when you are on the phone. In any case this doesn't replace a close
- In case of accident:
• Take all the children out of the water immediately.
• Call for emergency support and follow their instruction/advice.
• Replace wet clothing with dry clothing.
- Remember and hang the rescue numbers near the pool:
• Firemen (18 for France);
• First Aid/ Emergency Unit: (15 for France);
• Poison Treatment Centre;
General Warning
Never leave your child unattended – drowning hazard.
• Only for domestic use.
• Only for outdoor use.
• Children can drown in very small amounts of water. Empty the pool when not in use.
• Do not install the paddling pool over contrete, asphalt or any other hard surface.
• Place the product on a level surface at least 2 m from any structure or obstruction
such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical
• Recommend back towards the sun when playing.
• Modification by the consumer of the original paddling pool (for example the addition
of accessories) shall be carried out according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
• Keep assembly and installation instruction for future reference.
Additional Warning Only for US/CA
Read and Follow All Safety Information and Instructions.
Keep for future reference.
Failure to follow these warnings and instructions can result in serious injury or
death to users, especially children.
Prevent Drowning
Closely watch children who are in or near this pool.
Children under 5 are at highest risk for drowning.
Empty pool after use.
• Children, especially children younger than 5 years, are at high risk of drowning.
• Drowning occurs silently and quickly and can occur in as little as 2 in. (5cm) of water.
• Keep children in your direct sight, stay close, and actively supervise them when they
are in or near this pool and when you are filling and emptying this pool.
• When searching for a missing child, check the pool first, even if child is thought to be
in the house.
• Empty pool completely after each use and store the empty pool in such a way that it
does not collect water from rain or any other source.
Over 2 years
Drowning Risk:
• Keep unsupervised children from accessing the pool by installing fencing or other
approved barrier around all sides of the pool. State or local laws or codes may
require fencing or other approved barriers. Check state or local laws and codes
before setting up the pool. Refer to the list of barrier recommendations and guidelines
as described in CPSC Publication No.362.
• Do not leave toys inside pool when finished using, since toys and similar items might
attract a child to the pool.
• Position furniture (for example, tables, chairs) away from pool and so that children
cannot climb on it to gain access to the pool.
• After using the pool, remove water to a level of 1/2 in. (1cm) or less.
Diving Risk:
• Do not dive into the pool. Diving into shallow water can result in a broken neck,
paralysis, or death.
Electrocution Risk:
• Keep all electrical lines, radios, speakers and other electrical appliances away from
the pool.
• Do not place pool near or under overhead electrical lines.
First Aid:
• Keep a working phone and a list of emergency numbers near the pool.
• Become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In the event of an
emergency, immediate use of CPR can make a life-saving difference.
Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Swimming Pool
Section I: Outdoor swimming pool
An outdoor swimming pool, including an inground, aboveground, or onground pool, hot
tub, or spa, should be provided with a barrier which complies with the following:
1. The top of the barrier should be at least 48 inches above grade measured on the
side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool. The maximum
vertical clearance between grade and the bottom of the barrier should be 4 inches
measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool.
Where the top of the pool structure is above grade, such as an aboveground pool,
the barrier may be at ground level, such as the pool structure, or mounted on top of
the pool structure. Where the barrier is mounted on top of the pool structure, the
maximum vertical clearance between the top of the pool structure and the bottom
of the barrier should be 4 inches.
2. Openings in the barrier should not allow passage of a 4-inch diameter sphere.
3. Solid barriers, which do not have openings, such as a masonry or stone wall,
should not contain indentations or protrusions except for normal construction
tolerances and tooled masonry joints.
4. Where the barrier is composed of horizontal and vertical members and the
distance between the tops of the horizontal members is less than 45 inches, the
horizontal members should be located on the swimming pool side of the fence.
Spacing between vertical members should not exceed 1-3/4 inches in width.
Where there are decorative cutouts, spacing within the cutouts should not exceed
1-3/4 inches in width.
5. Where the barrier is composed of horizontal and vertical members and the
distance between the tops of the horizontal members is 45 inches or more, spacing
between vertical members should not exceed 4 inches. Where there are decorative
cutouts, spacing within the cutouts should not exceed 1-3/4 inches in width.
6. Maximum mesh size for chain link fences should not exceed 1-3/4 inch square
unless the fence is provided with slats fastened at the top or the bottom which
reduce the openings to no more than 1-3/4 inches.
7. Where the barrier is composed of diagonal members, such as a lattice fence, the
maximum opening formed by the diagonal members should be no more than 1-3/4
8. Access gates to the pool should comply with Section I, Paragraphs 1 through 7,and
should be equipped to accommodate alocking device. Pedestrian access gates
should open outward, away from the pool, and should be self-closing and have a
self-latching device. Gates other than pedestrian access gates should have a
self-latching device. Where the release mechanism of the self-latching device is
located less than 54 inches from the bottom of the gate, (a) the release mechanism
should be located on the pool side of the gate at least 3 inches below the top of the
gate and (b) the gate and barrier should have no opening greater than 1/2 inch
within18 inches of the release mechanism.
9. Where a wall of a dwelling serves aspart of the barrier, one of the following should
(a) All doors with direct access to the pool through that wall should be equipped
with an alarm which produces an audible warning when the door and its screen,
if present, are opened. The alarm should sound continuously for a minimum of
30 seconds within 7 seconds after the door is opened. Alarms should meet the
requirements of UL2017 General-Purpose Signaling Devices and Systems,
Section 77. The alarm should have a minimum sound pressure rating of 85 dBA
at 10 feet and the sound of the alarm should be distinctive from other household
sounds, such as smoke alarms, telephones, and door bells. The alarm should
automatically reset under all conditions. The alarm should be equipped with
manual means, such as touchpads or switches, to temporarily deactivate the
alarm for a single opening of the door from either direction. Such deactivation
should last for nomore than 15 seconds. The deactivation touchpads or
switches should be located at least 54 inches above the threshold of the door.
(b) The pool should be equipped with a power safety cover which complies with
ASTM F1346-91 listed below.
(c) Other means of protection, such as self-closing doors with self-latching devices,
are acceptable so long as the degree of protection afforded is not less than the
protection afforded by (a) or (b) described above.



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    Pour des enfants âgés de then (a) the ladder to the pool or steps should be capable of being secured, locked #51110 Plus de 2 ans or removed to prevent access, or (b) the ladder or steps should be surrounded by a barrier which meets Section I, Paragraphs 1 through 9.
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