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1.50m x 1.27m x 43cm (59" x 50" x 17'')
1.68m x 1.68m x 56cm (66" x 66" x 22")
2.00m x 1.46m x 48cm (6'7" x 57.5" x 19")
2.13m x 2.06m x 69cm (7' x 6'9'' x 27")
2.29m x 1.52m x 51cm (7'6" x 60" x 20")
2.29m x 1.52m x 56cm (7'6" x 60" x 22")
2.31m x 2.31m x 51cm (7'7" x 7'7" x 20")
2.41m x 2.41m x 1.40m (7'11" x 7'11" x 55")
2.62m x 1.57m x 46cm (8'7" x 62" x 18")
2.62m x 1.75m x 51cm (103" x 69" x 20")
2.62m x 1.75m x 51cm (8'7" x 69" x 20")
3.02m x 1.70m x 51cm (9'11" x 67" x 20")
2.70m x 1.98m x 51cm (8'10" x 6'6" x 20")
3.05m x 1.83m x 46cm (10' x 6ˊ x 18")
3.05m x 1.83m x 56cm (10' x 6' x 22")
3.05m x 2.74m x 46cm (10' x 9' x 18")
Please read carefully and keep for future reference.
Safety information
Carefully read, understand, and follow all information in the user
manual before installing and using the mini-pool. These warnings,
instructions, and safety guidelines address some common risks of
water recreation, but they cannot cover all risks and dangers in all
cases. Always use caution, common sense, and good judgment when
enjoying any water activity. Retain this information for future use.
Non Swimmers safety
• Continuous, active, and vigilant supervision of weak swimmers and
non-swimmers by a competent adult is required at all times
(remembering that children under five are at the highest risk of
• Designate a competent adult to supervise the pool each time it is
being used.
• Weak swimmers or non-swimmers should wear personal protection
equipment when using the mini-pool.
• When the mini-pool is not in use, remove all toys and appealing
objects from the water and the coping to avoid attracting children to
the mini-pool.
• When the mini-pool is not in use, remove all toys or other objects
from its surrounding that could be used by a child as a device to
facilitate the access into the mini-pool (e.g. chairs, big toys, etc.).
Safety devices
• It is recommended to install a barrier (and secure all doors and
windows, where applicable) to prevent unauthorized access to the
• Personal protective equipment, barriers, pool covers, pool alarms, or
similar safety devices are helpful aids, but they are not substitutes for
continuous and competent adult supervision.
Safety equipment
• Keep a working phone and a list of emergency phone numbers near
the mini-pool.
Safe use of the mini-pool
• Encourage all users especially children to learn how to swim.
• Learn Basic Life Support (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR)
and refresh this knowledge regularly. This can make a life-saving
difference in the event of an emergency.
• Instruct all mini-pool users, including children, what to do in case of
an emergency.
• Never dive into any shallow body of water. This can lead to serious
injury or death.
• Do not use the mini-pool when using alcohol or medication that may
impair your ability to safely use the mini-pool.
• When pool covers are used, remove them completely from the water
surface before entering the pool.
• Replace water regularly according to manufacturer
recommendations and depending on hygienic conditions, its
cleanliness, its clarity, and its odour, or if any debris or stains are
Ф1.50m x H53cm (Ф59" x H21")
Ф1.52m x H43cm (Ф60" x H17")
Ф1.52m x H51cm (Ф60" x H20")
Ф1.57m x H46cm (Ф62" x H18")
Ф1.70m x H53cm (Ф67" x H21")
Ф1.96m x H53cm (Ф6'5" x H21")
Ф2.01m x H53cm (Ф6'7" x H21")
One pool,
repair patch
Ф2.44m x H46cm (Ф8' x H18")
present in the mini-pool.Use of chemicals in mini-pools without water
circulation may result in direct contact with the chemicals or in areas
of high chemical concentration resulting in injury to the users.
• If chemicals are occasionally used to reduce the frequency of water
replacement, follow chemicals manufacturer instructions closely
(especially never use more than recommended), ensure the
appropriate mixing of chemicals to avoid possible personal injuries
and store chemicals out of reach of children.
• The use and installation of any electrical appliances around
mini-pools shall be in accordance with the national regulations.
• Where applicable, remove any means of access from the mini-pool
and store it out of reach of children whenever the mini-pool is not in
• Use of accessories not approved by the mini-pool manufacturer (e.g.
ladders, covers, pumps, etc.) may result in risks of injuries or
property damages.
• Use the signage as outlined below.
Keep children under supervision in the aquatic environment.
No diving.
• Please read carefully and follow the safety warnings and safety signs
on the pool wall.
• Selection of appropriate location to prevent the hazard of drowning
of young children, install the mini-pool in a place where it is possible
for the supervision to be constant;
Installation of POOL usually takes only 10 minutes with 1 people.
1. Find solid, level ground and clear it of debris.
ATTENTION: Do not set up the pool under cables or under trees.
2. Take the pool out of package with care.
3. Spread out the pool and make sure the pool is right side up.
4. Open the safety valves and inflate with an air pump (pump is not
included in this product), close the valves after inflation.(For
inflatable pool only)
ATTENTION: Do not over inflate.
5. Begin to fill, once pool floor is slightly covered, smooth all wrinkles.
Start at the center of pool and move to the outside.
6. Continue to fill the pool until the water capacity reaches 75%.
Please kindly pay the utmost attention not to over fill the pool for
security reasons.
WARNING: Do not leave pool unattended while filling with water.
1. Check local regulations for specific directions regarding disposal of
swimming pool water.
2. Drain the pool. ATTENTION: Do not leave the drained pool outside.
3. Open the safety valve and squeeze the valve at its base to deflate.
4. After deflation, use a damp cloth to clean.
Warning: If you do not adhere to the maintenance guidelines covered
herein, your health might be at risk, especially that of your children.
1. Replace the pool water regularly; unclean water is harmful to user's
2. Please contact your local retailer to obtain chemicals to treat the
water in your pool. Be sure to follow the chemical manufacture's
3. Proper maintenance can maximize life of your pool.
4. See packaging for water capacity.
5. You may also purchase Bestway's maintenance kit (including pool
skimmer and pool vacuum), chemical floater and pool cover from
your local poor retailers to help keeping pool water clean.
If a chamber is damaged, use the provided repair patch.
1. Completely deflate the product.
2. Clean and dry the damaged area.
3. Apply the provided repair patch and smooth out any air bubbles.
1. Make sure all water is drained from the pool. Once pool is
completely dry, put the folded pool into the package.
2. Store in a cool, dry place and out of children's reach.
3. We strongly recommend the pool is disassembled during the off
season (winter months).



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  • Seite 1 • Keep a working phone and a list of emergency phone numbers near 4. See packaging for water capacity. the mini-pool. 5. You may also purchase Bestway’s maintenance kit (including pool Safe use of the mini-pool skimmer and pool vacuum), chemical floater and pool cover from •...
  • Seite 2: Manuel De L'utilisateur

    Équipements de sécurité 4. La capacité d’eau est reportée sur l’emballage. 5. Un kit d’entretien Bestway est également mis en vente (comprenant un • Garder un téléphone en parfait état de marche et une liste de numéros dépollueur et un aspirateur de piscine), chez votre revendeur de piscines d'urgence à...
  • Seite 3 Sichere Benutzung des Schwimmbeckens 5. Sie können desweiteren bei Ihrem örtlichen Einzelhändler ein • Alle Benutzer, insbesondere Kinder, dazu anhalten, das Schwimmen zu Wartungsset von Bestway (einschließlich Pool-Skimmer und erlernen. Pool-Sauger), Dosierschwimmer und Poolabdeckung als Hilfsmittel • Lebensrettende Sofortmaßnahmen (kardiopulmonale Reanimation —...
  • Seite 4: Manutenzione

    • Imparare le tecniche di primo soccorso (rianimazione copripiscina Bestway, indispensabili per la pulizia della piscina. cardiopolmonare - RCP) e aggiornare regolarmente le proprie conoscenze. Ciò può fare la differenza e salvare vite umane in caso RIPARAZIONE di emergenza.
  • Seite 5 4. Zie de verpakking voor de waterinhoud. • Houd ook een werkende telefoon en een lijst met noodnummers 5. U kunt ook de onderhoudskit van Bestway kopen (met spaan en nabij het zwembad. zuiger), en de chemische vlotter en de afdekking bij uw plaatselijke Veilig gebruik van het zwembad verkoper, om het zwembadwater schoon te houden.
  • Seite 6: Manual De Uso

    • Anime a todos los usuarios, y especialmente a los niños, a aprender flotador químico y la cubierta para la piscina de la marca Bestway a nadar. en su vendedor más cercano, lo que le ayudará a mantener la •...
  • Seite 7 Produkt Størrelse Dele kan medføre personskader. 51041;51045 Ф1.50m x H53cm (Ф59" x H21") • Hvis kemikalier benyttes lejlighedsvis til at nedsætte hyppigheden af vandudskiftninger, skal kemikalieproducentens anvisninger nøje 52489 1.50m x 1.27m x 43cm (59" x 50" x 17‘’) følges (brug især aldrig mere end anbefalet).
  • Seite 8 4. Consulte a embalagem para a capacidade de água. • Mantenha um telefone funcional e uma lista de telefones de 5. Também pode adquirir o kit de manutenção da Bestway (incluindo emergência nas proximidades da piscina. raspadeira e aspirador de piscina), flutuador de químicos e Utilização segura da piscina...
  • Seite 10: Руководство Пользователя

    • Держите работающий телефон и список номеров телефонов 4. Вместимость бассейна указана на упаковке. экстренной связи в непосредственной близости от бассейна. 5. Дополнительно можно приобрести набор фирмы Bestway для Безопасное использование бассейна ухода за бассейном (в комплекте фильтр и вакуумный...
  • Seite 11: Uživatelská Příručka

    údržbu (obsahuje sběračku a vysavač), chemický plovák a kryt pravidelně si tyto znalosti osvěžujte. To může v případě nouze bazénu Bestway, a pomoci tak zachovat vodu v bazénu čistou. znamenat rozdíl mezi záchranou a smrtelnou nehodou. • Poučte všechny uživatele bazénu, včetně dětí, jak se mají chovat v OPRAVY případě...
  • Seite 12 Størrelse Deler • Hvis kjemikaliene av og til brukes for å redusere antall utskiftinger av 51041;51045 Ф1.50m x H53cm (Ф59" x H21") vann må du følge kjemikalieprodusentens anvisninger nøye (spesielt aldri bruk mer enn anbefalt) og sikre deg at blandingen av 52489 1.50m x 1.27m x 43cm (59"...
  • Seite 13 Artikel Storlek Delar byta vatten, följ kemikalietillverkarens instruktioner noga (framför allt 51041;51045 Ф1.50m x H53cm (Ф59" x H21") använd aldrig högre dos än rekommenderat), se till att du har en 52489 1.50m x 1.27m x 43cm (59" x 50" x 17‘’) korrekt blandning av kemikalier för att undvika personskada och...
  • Seite 14 Koko Osat huomattavasti muita alueita enemmän. Tämä voi johtaa vammoihin. • Mikäli kemikaaleja käytetään silloin tällöin vähentämään veden 51041;51045 Ф1.50m x H53cm (Ф59" x H21") vaihdon tarvetta, noudata kemikaalien valmistajien ohjeita 52489 1.50m x 1.27m x 43cm (59" x 50" x 17‘’) huolellisesti (on erityisen tärkeää, että...
  • Seite 15 5. Na pomoc pri udržiavaní čistej vody si môžete zakúpiť aj súpravu • Podporujte všetkých používateľov, najmä deti, aby sa naučili plávať. na údržbu od spoločnosti Bestway (vrátane zberača nečistôt a • Naučte sa základné postupy prvej pomoci (kardiopulmonárnu bazénového vysávača), plavák na uloženie chemikálií a kryt resuscitáciu - KPR) a tieto znalosti si pravidelne obnovujte.
  • Seite 16: Instrukcja Obsługi

    4. Przeczytaj na opakowaniu informacje dotyczące objętości basenu. Bezpieczne korzystanie z baseniku 5. możesz kupić również zestaw Bestway do konserwacji basenu • Zachęcaj wszystkich użytkowników, a szczególnie dzieci, do nauki (włącznie z cedzakiem i odkurzaczem basenowym), pływający pływania.
  • Seite 17: Használati Utasítás

    4. A medence víztérfogata a csomagoláson található. A medence biztonságos használata 5. megvásárolhatja a Bestway karbantartó készletet (többek között a • Biztasson minden felhasználót – különösen a gyermekeket –, hogy habkiszedőt és medence porszívót), vegyszer-adagolót és tanuljanak meg úszni.
  • Seite 18: Lietotāja Rokasgrāmata

    • Rūpējieties, lai pie baseina ir arī strādājošs tālrunis un ārkārtas 4. Ūdens ietilpība ir norādīta uz iepakojuma. gadījumu tālruņu saraksts. 5. Tāpat, lai saglabātu ūdens tīrību, jūs varat iegādāties Bestway Droša baseina izmantošana kopšanas komplektu (tajā ietilpst baseina skimeris un •...
  • Seite 19 • Laikykite veikiantį telefoną ir avarinių tarnybų numerių sąrašą netoli 4. Vandens talpos ieškokite ant pakuotės. baseino. 5. Pas vietinį prekybininką galite įsigyti „Bestway“ priežiūros rinkinį Saugus baseino naudojimas (įskaitant baseino griebtuvą ir baseino vakuumą), cheminių • Skatinkite visus naudotojus, ypač vaikus, mokytis plaukti.
  • Seite 20: Navodila Za Uporabo

    številk za nujne primere. 5. Pri vašem lokalnem trgovcu lahko kupite tudi opremo za Varna uporaba bazena vzdrževanje Bestway (vključno s penovko in bazenskim • Vse uporabnike bazena, zlasti pa otroke, spodbujajte k učenju sesalnikom), kemijski plovec in pregrinjalo za bazen, s katerimi plavanja.
  • Seite 21: Kullanim Kilavuzu

    • Havuz çevresinde çalışan bir telefon ve bir acil durum telefon 5. Havuz suyunun temiz tutulmasına yardımcı olması için yerel numarası listesi bulundurun. bayiilerinizden Bestway'in bakım kitini (havuz kepçesi ve havuz Havuzun güvenli kullanımı vakumu), kimyasal flatör ve havuz kılıfını satın alabilirsiniz.
  • Seite 22: Manualul Utilizatorului

    4. Vezi ambalajul pentru volumul de apă. Utilizarea în siguranță a piscinei 5. Puteţi achiziţiona şi chitul de întreţinere Bestway (inclusiv racleta şi • Încurajați toți utilizatorii, în special copiii, să învețe cum să înoate aspiratorul de piscină), sonda cu substanţe chimice şi învelitoarea •...
  • Seite 23 • Насърчавайте всички потребители, особено децата да се научат 5. За да поддържате водата чиста, от местните продавачи на да плуват. басейни може да закупите и комплект за поддръжка на Bestway • Научете основни Животоспасяващи процедури (вкл. гребло и прахосмукачка), плаващ дозатор и покритие за...
  • Seite 24: Korisnički Priručnik

    Stavka Veličina Dijelovi stvaranja područja s visokom koncentracijom kemikalija koja može 51041;51045 Ф1.50m x H53cm (Ф59" x H21") uzrokovati ozlijede korisnicima. • Ako se kemikalije povremeno upotrebljavaju kako bi se smanjila 52489 1.50m x 1.27m x 43cm (59"...
  • Seite 25 3. Vastav hooldus pikendab sinu basseini eluiga. abivahendid, kuid need ei asenda pidevat järelevalvet pädeva 4. Vee piirandmed vaata pakendil. täiskasvanu poolt. 5. Samuti võid soetada Bestway’s-I hoolduskomplekt (kaasas basseini Turvavarustus vahukulp ja basseini vaakumaparatuur), keemiline floteerimisseade • Hoidke basseini läheduses töökorras telefon ja päästekeskuse ja keemiline kaitse oma kohalikult edasimüüjalt, et hoida basseini...
  • Seite 26: Uputstvo Za Korišćenje

    4. Pogledajte pakovanje da biste saznali koliko vode prima bazen. • Držite ispravan telefon i listu brojeva za hitne slučajeve blizu bazena. 5. Takođe možete da kupite Bestway komplet za održavanje Bezbedno korišćenje bazena. (uključujući i skidač prljavštine i bazenski usisivač), plutajuće •...
  • Seite 27 .‫4. اﻧظر اﻟﻌﺑوة ﻟﻣﻌرﻓﺔ ﺳﻌﺔ اﻟﻣﯾﺎه‬ .‫• اﺣﺗﻔظ ﺑﮭﺎﺗف ﯾﻌﻣل وﺑﻘﺎﺋﻣﺔ أرﻗﺎم ھواﺗف اﻟطوارئ ﺑﺎﻟﻘرب ﻣن ﺣﻣﺎم اﻟﺳﺑﺎﺣﺔ‬ ‫ )ﺑﻣﺎ ﻓﻲ ذﻟك ﻣﻘﺷدة ﺣﻣﺎم ﺳﺑﺎﺣﺔ وﻣﻛﻧﺳﺔ ﺣﻣﺎم‬Bestway ‫5. ﯾﻣﻛﻧك أﯾ ﺿ ًﺎ ﺷراء ﻣﺟﻣوﻋﺔ ﺻﯾﺎﻧﺔ‬ ‫اﻻﺳﺗﺧدام اﻵﻣن ﻟﺣﻣﺎم اﻟﺳﺑﺎﺣﺔ‬ ‫ﺳﺑﺎﺣﺔ(، وﻋواﻣﺔ ﻛﯾﻣﯾﺎﺋﯾﺔ وﻏطﺎء ﺣﻣﺎم ﺳﺑﺎﺣﺔ ﻣن ﺗﺟﺎر اﻟﺗﺟزﺋﺔ اﻟﻣﺣﻠﯾﯾن ﻟﻠﻣﺳﺎﻋدة ﻓﻲ اﻟﺣﻔﺎظ‬...
  • Seite 28 Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Bestway Australia Pty Ltd, Unit 2/98-104 Carnarvon St Silverwater, NSW 2128, Australia Tel: Australia: (+61) 29 0371 388; New Zealand: 0800 142 101 Distributed in United Kingdom by Bestway Corp UK Ltd. 8 Wentworth Road, Heathfield Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6TL Exported by/Exporté par/Exportado por/Exportiert von/Esportato da Bestway (Hong Kong) International Ltd./Bestway Enterprise Company Limited...