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l) If possible, use clamps to hold the workpiece
in position. Never hold a small workpiece in
one hand and the power tool in the other while
you are using it. By clamping small workpieces,
you keep both hands free for better control of
the power tool. When cutting round workpieces
such as dowels, rods or pipes, be aware that
these can roll away and this can cause the tool
to jam and be thrown towards you.
m) Hold the power cord away from any rotating
accessories. If you lose control of the appli-
ance, the cord may get cut or caught and your
hand or arm could get caught in the rotating
accessory tool.
n) Never put the power tool down until the
accessory tool has come to a complete stand-
still. The rotating accessory tool can come into
contact with the surface and cause you to lose
control of the power tool.
o) When changing accessory tools or changing
settings, tighten the collet nut, the chuck or
other fixing elements tightly. Loose fixing ele-
ments can shift unexpectedly and lead to loss of
control; unfixed, rotating components will fly off
p) Do not leave the power tool running whilst
carrying it. Accidental contact between your
clothing and the rotating accessory tool could
lead to physical injury.
q) Clean the ventilation slits of your power tool
regularly. The engine fan draws dust into the
housing and a strong accumulation of metal
dust can cause electrical hazards.
r) Do not use the power tool in the vicinity of
flammable materials. Sparks can ignite such
s) Do not use any accessory tools which require
liquid coolant. The use of water or other liquid
coolants may lead to electric shock.
Additional safety instructions for all
Kickback and corresponding safety instruc-
Kickback is a sudden reaction caused when a
rotating accessory tool, e.g. grinding disc, abrasive
band, wire brush, etc., catches or jams. Catching
or jamming leads to an abrupt stop of the rotating
accessory tool. If this happens, an uncontrolled
power tool will turn rapidly against the direction of
rotation of the accessory tool.
If, for example, a grinding disc catches or jams, the
edge of the grinding disc that is projecting into the
workpiece can get caught and break off the grind-
ing disc or cause a kickback. The grinding disc can
then fly in the direction of the operator or away
from him, depending on the direction of rotation
of the disc at the blockage. This can also break
grinding discs.
A kickback is caused by incorrect use or misuse
of the power tool. This can be avoided by taking
proper precautions as given below.
a) Hold the power tool firmly in both hands and
position your body and arms so they can
absorb the force of a kickback. By taking
adequate precautions, the operator can stay
in control of the kickback forces.
b) Take special care when working around
corners, sharp edges, etc. Avoid allowing the
accessory tool to bounce back from the work-
piece or jam in the workpiece. The rotating
accessory tool is more likely to jam in corners or
sharp edges or if it bounces. This can cause a
loss of control or kickback.
e) Do not use toothed saw blades. Such acces-
sories often cause a kickback or loss of control
over the power tool.
d) Always move the accessory tool in the same
direction in the material in which it leaves the
material (in other words, the same direction
in which the dust is thrown out). Guiding the
power tool in the wrong direction will cause the
cutting edge of the accessory tool to jump out of
the workpiece which can lead to the accessory
tool being pulled in this direction.
PMGS 12 C3




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