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Troubleshooting - Beko SIM4126B Anleitung

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Although the appliance is plugged in, soleplate (5) does not heat up.
The appliance may be connected improperly. >>> Check the plug and power
cable (1) of the appliance.
Temperature adjustment knob (3) may be at the Min. position. >>> Turn the
temperature adjustment knob in the clockwise direction up to the steam sign.
The appliance does not generate steam.
The water reservoir may not have enough water. >>> Fill the water reservoir
with water up to Max level (see. 3.3).
Steam setting button (8) may be at without-steam position. >>> Switch the
steam setting button to the steam position (see. 3.6).
Shock Steam – Vertical Steam does not function.
These functions may have been used too frequently in a very short period of time.
>>> Keep ironing at a horizontal position and wait for a while before using the
shock steam function again. >>> Soleplate (5) may not be hot enough. Turn the
Temperature adjustment knob (3) in the clockwise direction up to the steam sign.
Seat the appliance in a vertical position and wait for the soleplate to heat up.
Water drops fall down onto the fabric during ironing.
You may not have securely closed the water refill lid (7). >>> Close the water
refill lid securely.
You may be using the shock steam at temperature level • or ••.
>>> Increase the temperature level (see. 3.7).
During ironing, sediments and residues fall down from the soleplate (5).
If the water you use for your appliance is too hard, such sediments may form. >>>
Use the self-clean function for once or a few times (see. 4.2). For the subsequent
ironings fill the water reservoir of the appliance with a mixture of tap water and
potable water.
The appliance drops water after it cools down or stored.
You may have left the appliance on a horizontal position while there is water in its
reservoir. >>> Empty the water reservoir.
Stains at the soleplate (5).
Wet garments might have been ironed and the soleplate (5) has had lime stains.
>>> After the appliance cools enough, wipe the soleplate with a microfiber
knitted or cotton cloth soaked in vinegar.
15 / 139 EN
Steam Iron / User Manual



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