Preparing The Mach 25 Quadcopter For Flight; Using The 25Mw Micro Camera - Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer Bedienungsanleitung

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Preparing the Mach 25
1. Before each flight, ALWAYS power on the transmitter before connecting the flight battery to the control unit. After each
flight, disconnect the flight battery from the control unit before powering off the transmitter.
NOTICE: Connecting the flight battery before powering on the transmitter can start the binding process. Please see
the Transmitter and Receiver Binding section of this manual for more information.
2. When the ESC beeps, the control unit is initialized and ready for flight.
The control unit will not arm the motors until the throttle stick is in the lowest possible position and the throttle trim is at
the middle or a lower than middle position.

Using the 25mw Micro Camera

Consult local laws and ordinances before operating FPV equipment. In some areas,
FPV operation may be limited or prohibited. You are responsible for operating this
product in a legal and responsible manner.
1. Power on your radio transmitter, then power on the aircraft. Wait for the initializaion
tones.The 25mw Micro Camera will automatically power on when the battery is
connected to the Mach 25.
2. Power on the headset to make sure the channel is clear.
3. Perform a range test before flying.
NOTICE: You can only enter Channel Changing Mode prior to starting the motors.
4. Use the right and left sticks to select a channel according to Mode 1 or Mode 2.
Normal operation resumes when the throttle is lowered.
NOTICE: If your radio/transmitter uses right stick throttle, use Mode 1 illustration.
If your radio/transmitter uses left stick throttle, use Mode 2 illustration.
NOTICE: The 25mw Micro Camera range on your Quadcopter is less than your
transmitter range. Ensure you have adequate camera range for filming.
Tip: If you are prone to motion sickness, sit in a chair. If you start to suffer from motion
sickness while flying, lower your chin against your chest.
Fly in open areas, away from people, trees, cars, and buildings. The range of the
system can be impacted by any obstructions blocking your signal. It is normal to see
break up in the video going behind trees and other obstacles.
Mode 1
Quadcopter for Flight
Spektrum Ultra Micro
FPV Transmitter Channels
Channel 1
5470 MHz
Channel 2
5760 MHz
Channel 3
5780 MHz
Channel 4
5800 MHz
Channel 5
5820 MHz
Channel 6
5840 MHz
Channel 7
5860 MHz
Mode 2



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