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Technical Specifications; Prescribed Use - Conrad 5085 Bedienungsanleitung



Technical Specifications

Power supply:
Tape speed:
Telephone connection jack:
Dimensions (W * H * D):
Weight without batteries:
6 VDC 4 * mignon (AA, LR6, UM-3)
1.5V Alkaline battery
1.7 cm/sec., 4.8 cm/sec.
220mm * 60mm * 140mm
approx. 710 g

Prescribed Use

The product is for the recording of telephone conversations and
conferences onto music cassettes. It can be connected to the ana-
log telephone network or to analog extensions of telephone sys-
tems. The device is not permitted to be used for any use other than
the ones previously described. Moreover, this involves dangers,
such as e.g., short-circuit, fire, electric shock, etc.
The device has a "general permission for connection" (Allgemeine
Anschalterlaubnis (AAE)) which means it can be installed by any-
Due to the differences between the public telephone networks in
different European countries, no unconditional guarantee for the
successful operation at all types of terminal network point of the call
recorder can be given.
The use is limited to closed, dry rooms.
The product is not suitable for industrial use.
When recording with the call recorder, make sure to observe
the applying legal regulations and laws in your country.
Calls may always only be recorded with the permission of all partici-
pants of a call.