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Included In Delivery; Installation - Conrad 5085 Bedienungsanleitung



Included in Delivery

1 Call recorder
1 Two-way telephone adapter
1 Telephone cable
1 Handset adapter
1 Cassette
1 Plug-in power supply
1 Operating instructions


Peel of the protective foil from the cassette compartment. It serves
as protection from scratches.
Set the switch for DC voltage on the telephone line LINE VOLT 60V,
24V, 48V onto the level of your telephone network. Normally to 48V.
Voltage Supply
You can operate the call recorder with the enclosed plug-in power
supply or with batteries (not included in delivery). If there is no mains
socket near your device, insert the batteries as described in the
chapter Changing of Batteries. If there is a free mains socket near
the device insert the extra-low voltage connector of the plug-in
power supply into the mains jack on the back of the device. The
plug-in power supply needs to be inserted into a correctly installed
230V mains socket. The "Power" LED on the front of the call
recorder lights up after applying the voltage supply.
To briefly interrupt playback or recording, press the PAUSE button. To
continue playback or record, press the PAUSE button again. During
longer pauses press the STOP button, to avoid damaging the tape.
Fast forward/fast reverse
To fast forward the tape press the FORWARD button during STOP
mode. To stop fast forwarding press the STOP / EJECT button.
To fast reverse the tape press the REWIND button during STOP
mode. To stop fast reversing press the STOP / EJECT button.
With the STOP button all tape run activities are stopped.
Automatic tape cutoff
When the device is in operation and the end of the tape is reached,
the device switches itself off automatically.
Tape Speed
For normal recordings a speed of 4.8cm/Sec. (SPEED switch NRM
normal) is recommended. For longer recordings a speed of
1.7cm/Sec. (SPEED switch EXT slow) can be selected. When using
a MC120 cassette, a recording time of 8 hours can be achieved. In
this mode your recordings can only be played on this device, since
other devices cannot playback the recordings at this speed.
Remember to playback your recording at the same speed at which
they were recorded.