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Listening via headphones
You can connect a mono headphone with a 3.5mm jack plug to the
EAR jack. The built-in speaker is switched off when operated with a
Protection against accidental erasing of cassettes
Cassettes have protection tabs at the back against accidental erasing.
If you want to avoid that a cassette is accidentally erased, press the
protection tabs inwards with a screwdriver and break the tabs off. As
a result, the recording button RECORD can no longer be activated.
Changing of Batteries
To open the battery compartment lid press the marking on the bot-
tom of the device with your thumb or index finger and slide the lid to
the side with slight pressure.
Insert 4 mignon cells 1.5V (AA, LR6, UM-3) into the battery compart-
ment with correct polarity (see marking next to the battery compart-
ment). Make sure that the lift-out ribbon is placed underneath the
batteries, to make the removal of the batteries easier. After inserting
the batteries close the battery compartment again with the battery
compartment lid.
Changing of batteries becomes necessary when distortions of sounds
appear or when the magnetic tape no longer runs at the correct speed.
Remove weak batteries straight away to avoid leakage which can
cause damage. Only use battery of recommended types.
Use alkaline batteries to achieve maximum possible operation.
The device must not be exposed to high temperatures, strong vibra-
tions, high humidity, strong mechanical use or strong magnetic
Pay attention to the notes on changing the battery.
If the product is not in use for a longer period of time, remove the
batteries, pull the mains plug from the socket.
This product is not a toy, this is why it should be kept out of reach of
Before cleaning or performing maintenance, the following safety
notes must be observed:
When opening covers or removing parts you may expose live parts.
Therefore, disconnect the device from all voltage sources before you
perform maintenance work or repairs. Capacitors inside the device
may still carry voltage, even though you have disconnected all volt-
age sources. Repairs may only be carried out by a specialist who is
aware of the connected dangers and the relevant regulations.
Do not leave packing material unattended. Plastic foils or bags,
polystyrene parts, etc. may become dangerous playing material for
The device should be kept out reach of children. It is not a toy.
Do not let batteries, round cells, rechargeable batteries lie
around near children. Store them out of reach of children.. Bat-
teries, round cells, rechargeable batteries can be fatal if swal-
lowed. In such a case, seek instant medical care. Batteries
must not be short-circuited, thrown into fire or be recharged,
there is a risk of explosion.