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Installation Instructions; Safety Warnings - Electrolux ADU 3040 N Einbauanleitung



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Part 1
This canopy hood is designed to be fixed to
any rigid vertical surface, above a gas or
electric hotplate, and can be used either in the
extraction (ducted to the outside) or in the
recirculation mode (internal recycling).
Before commencing the installation,
conside-ration should be given to the
difficulties to be found during the
installation and to the bulky weight of the
hood. The installation work must be
undertaken by a qualified and competent
person. The manufacturer dis-claims all
liability for any damage or injury caused
as a result of not following the instruc-tions
for installation contained in the follo-wing
The cooker hood is made up of the following
components (fig. 1):
2.1 - n. 1 canopy item C including controls,
worktop illumination and fan unit
2.2 - n.1 telescopic chimney stack formed by:
n. 1 U-shaped upper section item S
n. 1 U-shaped lower section item I
2.3 - n. 1 evacuation spigot 90x132 item A
2.4 - n. 1 fixing kit including:
n. 2 wall brackets item 1 to fix the canopy
n. 2 wall brackets item 2 to fix the chimney,
screws, rawl plugs, documentation
2.5 - n.1 splashback item F (optional)


3.1 - When used in the extraction mode cooker
hood ducting must not be connected to a
flue which is used for exhausting fumes
from appliances supplied with energy other
than electric such as a central heating flue
or water heating flue.
3.2 - Before connecting to the mains supply
ensure that the mains voltage corresponds
with the voltage on the rating plate inside
the cooker hood.
3.3 - Connect the cooker hood to the mains via
a double pole switch which has 3 mm
clearance between the contacts.
3.4 - This appliance must be earthed.
3.5 - When installed, the hood must be positioned
at least 65 cm above a cooking appliance.
3.6 - Never do flambé cooking under this cooker
3.7 - Never leave frying pans unattended during
use as overheated fats and oils may catch
3.8 - Before carrying out any kind of cleaning
or maintenance, disconnect the hood from
the mains supply.
3.9 - If the room where the hood is to be used
contains a fuel burning appliance such as a
central heating boiler then this must be of
the room sealed or balanced flue type. If
other types of flue or appliance are fitted
ensure that there is an adequate supply of
air into the room. When the coooker hood
is used in conjunction with other appliances
supplied with energy other than electricity,
the negative pressure in the room must not
exceed 0,04 mbar to prevent fumes been
drawn back into the room by the cooker
The cooker hood may be fixed using one of
three methods:
A - installation of the cooker hood with splashback
B - installation of the cooker hood without
C - installation of the cooker hood aligning the
top of the chimney with the top of the
adjoining wall cabinets.
For easy installation proceed as follows:
4.1 - Fix the wall brackets
4.2 - Fix the canopy hood
4.3 - Connect the hood to the mains supply and
ensure that it works properly
4.4 - Set the hood for recirculation or evacuation
4.5 - Fix the telescopic chimney stack.
4.1 - Fixing the wall brackets
Installation type A/B (fig. 2a-b)
1 - Draw a vertical line on the wall, from the
centre of the cooking appliance up to the
ceiling, using a marking pen. This is to ensure
the correct vertical alignment of the wall fixing
2 - Fixing the wall brackets item 1
Draw a horizontal line on the wall ensuring
that the distance from the cooktop is as
a - If the splashback is to be installed as
illustrated in fig. 2a, the height for the
fixing brackets (d) is 122 mm plus the
height of the splashback above the
hotplate. The distance to be allowed
between the wall brackets and hotplate is
determined by the physical height of the
b - If the splashback is not to be fitted draw

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