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Maintenance - Electrolux ADU 3040 N Einbauanleitung



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Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure
good performance and reliability, while ex-
tending the working life of the hood. Special
attention should be paid to the grease filters
and to the charcoal filter when the hood is
used in the recirculation mode.
3.1 - Metal grease filter
1 - Cleaning
The metal grease filter should be cleaned every
two months with normal usage and can be
washed in a dishwasher or by hand using a
mild detergent or liquid soap.
2 - Replacement
a - To remove the metal grease filter cassettes
press inwardly on the release catch while
lowering the front edge and remove the
cassettes from the slot at the back (fig.
b - Once the cassettes have been cleaned refit
in reverse order.
3.2 - Thin synthetic filters
On certain models the metal grease filter cas-
settes are replaced with a lower grille panel
con-taining a paper filter with saturation
The paper filter visible through the perforated
grille cannot be washed and should be replaced
when the violet colour of the dots has spread
over the whole surface and, in any case, at
least every two months.
Attention: There could be a possible fire
ha-zard if the filters are not replaced
according to these instructions.
3.3 - For ease of maintenance, the grille can be re-
moved by pressing inwardly on the two slide
catches. Allow the grille to be hinged down
at the back and unhook from the side guides
as illustrated in fig. 12.
3.4 - Charcoal filters
1 - Functioning
In the recycling mode the charcoal filters
absorb smells and odours.
The charcoal filters cannot be washed and
should be replaced at least every 4 months or
more frequently if the hood is used
2 - Replacement
a - To remove each charcoal filter place one
hand over the filters and unscrew the
knurled thumb screw in the centre of the
charcoal filter. The charcoal filter can now
be removed (fig. 10).
b - Replace the charcoal filters and refit the
metal grille (fig. 13).
c - Refit the grille.
3 - If the cooker hood is specified in the recircu-
lation mode with the charcoal filters fitted,
ensure that the selector knob is in the recir-
culation mode as illustrated in fig. 14.
3.5 - Worktop illumination
a - Two 40W lamps ensure the illumination
of the worktop.
b - If one of the lamps does not work, open
the grille and ensure that it is correctly
screwed in.
c - If the lamp fails to function it should be
re-placed by an identical type specified
40 W clear tubular shaped with E14
Edison screw thread (fig. 15).
Refit the grille.
3.6 - Cleaning
The metal work, both inside and outside,
should be cleaned regularly by using a mild
household detergent or liquid soap.
Care should be taken not to use abrasive
cleaning materials, especially when cleaning
stainless steel surfaces.

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