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• On raining days
• Before cleaning or other maintenance
• Leave it unattended on holidays
When the appliance will be not used for a long time, such as in the winter,
the pool set should be disassembled and stored indoor.
CAUTION - Read the instruction before using the appliance and
installation/reassembly each time.
Safekeeping the instruction. For reconstruction the pool set every time,
please always refer to the instructions.
If instruction is missed, please contact with Bestway or search it in website:
Only the media provided or specified by the manufacturer is to be used with
product installation.
It is essential to check that the suction openings are not obstructed.
It is advisable to stop the filtration during maintenance operations on the
filtration system.
Regularly monitor the filter clogging level.
A weekly check is recommended for cleaning.
Minimum daily filtration operating time of 8 hours is recommended to
ensure clear pool water.
It is essential to change any damaged element or set of elements as soon
as possible. Use only parts approved by person responsible for placing the
product on the market.
All filters and filter media shall be inspected regularly to ensure that there is
not a build-up of detritus thus preventing good filtration. The disposal of any
used filter media should also be in accordance with applicable
In case of doubt on the pump or any circulation devices, contact a qualified
installer, or the manufacturer/importer/distributor.
The water circulation installation shall comply with the European as well as
national/local regulations, especially when dealing with electrical issues.
Any change of valve position, pump size, grille size can cause a change of
the flow and the suction velocity can be increased.
Mind all the safety requirements and recommendations described in the
NOTE: This product is not intended for commercial use.
Please read the instruction manual carefully and keep it for future



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