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Scope Of Delivery - Conrad 75 02 91 Bedienungsanleitung

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state of discharge will signal when an exchange of the
batteries is necessary.
Any use other than the one described above is inadmissible
and damages the product; moreover, this involves dangers,
such as e.g. short-circuit, burns, electric shock, etc.
No part of the product must be rebuilt or modified!
Observe the safety instructions (Caution!)!
The smoke alarm is no toy. Keep it out of the reach of
Repairs must be carried out by an expert who is familiar
with the relevant regulations.

Scope of Delivery

Smoke alarm
Mounting plate
Mounting material (screws and dowels)
Compound battery 9V
Operating manual
Smoke Alarm
When smoke enters the casing of the smoke alarm an
acoustic and optical alarm is activated. The optical
alarm serves for finding the activated alarm.
The alarm remains active until the chamber in the cas-
ing is smoke-free once again. The smoke alarm will
switch automatically in the observing mode.
• The smoke alarm serves only for warning in the event
of burns and cannot prevent burns from occurring.
When smoking in the bed or when children are alone
in the flat no effective protection from larger fires is
• Medicines or other drugs might impair the perception
of the smoke alarm might not be heard in the event of
burns despite of the extremely loud acoustic alarming
• The alarm release of the smoke alarm might be
impaired by unfavourable air draughts or by burns
with no forming smoke.



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