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After the exchange of the battery the red light diode starts
flashing app. each 30 seconds as operating control.
Caution! The smoke alarm can only be screwed on the
mounting plate with the battery inserted
Check the function after every exchange of the battery
(see self test).
Used batteries must not be disposed of in the household
waste and can be returned to the known collecting
points (communal reusable waste facilities) or to Conrad
Self Test
Once a week and after each exchange of the battery the
function of the device must be checked.
For doing so keep the oval test key pressed on the
smoke alarm for app. 4 seconds. Now an acoustic
alarming signal can be heard twice and the light diode is
flashing during the test phase.
If there is no alarm after this test the battery must be
exchanged; if the exchange of the battery is not suc-
cessful the smoke alarm must be exchanged or
checked by an expert.
Choosing the Place of Installation
Place the smoke alarm on the ceiling in the middle of
the room where possible as the air can circulate best
here. The distance to walls has to be 50cm min. Do not
mount the device in gables or corners.
In order to achieve the best possible warning function it
is recommendable to install several smoke alarms (for
each room one smoke alarm).
Possible places for mounting: