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Safety Notes; Important Notes; Functions - Märklin Köf II Handbuch

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Safety Notes

• This locomotive is to be used only with an operating
system designed for it (Märklin AC, Märklin Delta, Märklin
Digital, DCC or Märklin Systems).
• Use only switched mode power supply units and transfor-
mers that are designed for your local power system.
• This locomotive must never be supplied with power from
more than one transformer.
• Pay close attention to the safety notes in the instructions
for your operating system.
• The feeder track must be equipped to prevent interference
with radio and television reception, when the locomotive
is to be run in conventional operation. The 74046 interfe-
rence suppression set is to be used for this purpose.
• Do not expose the model to direct sunlight, extreme
changes in temperature, or high humidity.
• WARNING! This product contains magnets. Swallowing
more than one magnet may cause death in certain circum-
stances. If necessary, see a doctor immediately.
• WARNING! Sharp edges and points required for operation.
• The LEDs in this item correspond to Laser Class 1 according
to Standard EN 60825-1.

Important Notes

• The operating instructions and the packaging are a com-
ponent part of the product and must therefore be kept as
well as transferred along with the product to others.
• It is not necessary to open the locomotive for mainte-
nance work. Disassembling the locomotive automatically
invalidates the manufacturer warranty. Please see your
authorized Märklin dealer for repairs or spare parts.
• The warranty card included with this product specifies the
warranty conditions.
• Disposing: www.maerklin.com/en/imprint.html


• Recognition of the mode of operation: automatic.
• Mfx technology for the Mobile Station / Central Station.
Name set at the factory: Köf II Nr13 DSB
• Address set at the factory: MM 23 / DCC 03
• Setting the locomotive parameters (address, acceleration/
braking delay (ABV), maximum speed):
with the Control Unit, Mobile Station, Central Station.
• Headlights, changing over with the direction of travel.
• Telex coupler (remote controlled uncoupler unit).
• Various controllable functions.
• Mode of Operation: Locomotive Engineer
• Additional explanations about the mode of operation can
be found in the supplemental instructions (included).
• Only the train control functions and headlight changeover
feature are available in analog operation.



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