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Model #65077
• Repair Patch
• Deflation Pipe
WARNING: To avoid damage to the boat and injury to passengers, please don't
exceed the data given on the builder's plate.
Technical Specifications
Inflated Size
Working Pressure
3.21m x 88cm
0.04 bar
(10'6" x 35")
0.6 psi
Follow all the Safety and Operating Instructions. If you don't follow these instructions, it may cause
the boat to overturn or explode and result in drowning.
1. Do not exceed the maximum recommended number of persons. Regardless of the number of
persons on board, the total weight of persons and equipment must never exceed the maximum
recommended load. Always use the seats /seating spaces provided.
2. When loading the craft, never exceed the maximum recommended load: Always load the craft
carefully and distribute loads appropriately to maintain design trim (approximately level). Avoid
placing heavy weights high up.
NOTE: The maximum recommended load includes the weight of all persons onboard, all
provisions and personal effects, any equipment not included in the light craft mass, cargo (if any)
and all consumable liquids (water, fuel, etc.).
3. When using the boat, life saving devices such as life jackets and buoys should be pre-inspected
and used at all times.
4. Before every use, carefully inspect all boat components including air-chambers, grab ropes,
oars, and air valves, to ensure everything is in good condition and tightly secured. If you find any
damage, please stop to repair it.
5. Buckets, water scoops and air pumps should always be available in case of air leakage or if the
boat takes on water.
6. When the boat is in motion, all passengers must remain seated at all times to avoid falling
overboard. Keep the boat balanced. Uneven distribution of persons or load in the boat may
cause the boat to overturn and result in drowning.
7. Use the craft in sheltered water, up to 300m (984 feet). Be careful with natural factors such as
wind, tide waters and tidal waves. BE AWARE OF OFFSHORE WINDS AND CURRENTS.
Always wear a lifejacket!
8. If one chamber is punctured when the boat is in the water, it may be necessary to fully inflate the
other air chamber to prevent the boat from sinking.
9. Be careful when landing on the shore. Sharp and rough objects such as rocks, cement, shells,
glass, etc. may puncture the boat. To avoid damage, do not drag the boat on rough surfaces.
10. The boat is intended for beach use, short-time and short-distance cruising.
11. Be aware of the potential harmful effects of liquids such as battery acid, oil or petrol. The liquids
may damage your boat.
12. Inflate according to the numbered air chamber and rated pressure of the boat, or it will cause
over-inflation and potential and boat explosion. Exceeding the data given on the capacity plate
may cause the craft to be damaged, overturn and lead to drowning.
13. If you use the tow rings to tow the boat, go slowly to avoid over-towing as damage may occur.
14. Know how to operate a boat. Check in your local area for information and/or training as needed.
Inform yourself about local regulations and dangers related to boating and/or other water
Assembling of the boat
1. Spread out the boat on level ground.
2. Assemble the removable fin to the bottom of the boat (Fig.1). Make sure the curvature of the fin is
pointed towards the back end of the boat.
NOTE: Assemble the fin before inflation and also disassemble it after deflation.
NOTE: To avoid damage to the removable fin, do not enter shallow water.
Fig. 1
S-S-005966/21.0x28.5cm(#65077) JS-YF-2016-B-17200/英
Oar blade x 4
Shaft x 2
Removable Fin
Coupling x 4
Rope x 2
Oar ring x 4
Fabric Tape x 2
Inflation Scale
Maximum Load Capacity
Maximum Number of Persons
160 kg (350 Ibs.)
2 adults
• Inflate the air chambers with a HAND air pump.
An inflation scale is provided with the product.
Inflate the product until the printed scale is charged up to the same level as that of the supplied
scale. (refer the belowing Table and Illustration)
Caution: Under and over-inflation of the boat will result in safety hazards. It is better to check the
pressure of the boat each time before using. If you use other pressure gauge, the boat pressure
should not be more than the data given on the builder's plate.
• Never stand on or rest objects on the boat during inflation.
• Inflate bottom chamber and other accessories such as seat until it is stiff to the touch but NOT hard.
Product Inflated Size
3.21m x 88cm (10'6" x 35")
Seat and footrest assembly
Assemble the belt to the seat and tie to the boat.
Put the inflated footrest into the front of the boat, make sure the footrest not entangle the feet of the
occupants in the event of a capsize.
Oars Installation
NOTE: All drawings for illustration purpose only. May not reflect actual product.
1. Keep all accessories for future use.
2. Carefully clean the boat using a mild soap with clean water.
Note: Do not use acetone, acid, and/or alkaline solutions.
3. Use a cloth to gently dry all surfaces.
Note: Do not dry the product in direct sunlight. Also, never dry with equipment such as electric
blowers. Doing so will cause damage and shorten the boat's life span.
4. Deflate the hull chambers. Deflate all the hull chambers at the same time so the air-pressure
drops together. This will prevent damage from occurring to the boat inner structures. Next deflate
the floor and seat.
5. Fold the boat from front to back to remove additional air. You can also use a
pump to drain any remaining air.
1. If there is a small puncture, repair it according to the instruction on repair
2. If the hole is too big to be repaired with the provided patch, purchase a Bestway repair kit or send
the boat to a speciality shop to make the repair.
Registration (For US/Canada customers only)
If you need to register your boat, please have the boat Hull Identification Number and model name
ready and then visit www.bestwaycorp.com/support to obtain your Certificate of Origin, or you can
send e-mail to service@bestwaycorp.us for the Certificate of Origin.
Deflated Size
Inflated Size



  Inhaltszusammenfassung für Bestway KAJAK LITE-RAPID X

  • Seite 1 NOTE: To avoid damage to the removable fin, do not enter shallow water. 2. If the hole is too big to be repaired with the provided patch, purchase a Bestway repair kit or send the boat to a speciality shop to make the repair.
  • Seite 2: Manuel De L'utilisateur

    NOTE: Pour éviter d’endommager l’aileron amovible, n’allez pas en eaux peu profondes. Si le trou est trop gros pour être réparé avec la rustine fournie, achetez un kit de réparation Bestway ou faites réparer le bateau dans un atelier spécialisé. Enregistrement (Uniquement pour clients des US/Canada) Si vous devez enregistrer votre bateau, vous devez avoir à...
  • Seite 3 Falls das Loch für eine Reparatur mit dem mitgelieferten Flicken zu groß ist, erwerben Sie ein Bestway Reparaturkit oder schicken Sie das Boot an ein Fachgeschäft, um die Reparatur durchführen zu lassen. Registrierung (Nur für Kunden in den USA/Kanada) Möchten Sie Ihr Boot registrieren, halten Sie bitte die Bootskörper-Identifikationsnummer und den...
  • Seite 4 2. Se il foro è troppo grande per la riparazione con la toppa in dotazione, acquistare un kit di riparazione Bestway o inviare l'imbarcazione a un’officina specializzata. Registrazione (Solo per clienti di Stati Uniti e Canada) Per registrare il canotto sul sito www.bestwaycorp.com/support sono necessari il numero di identificazione dello scafo (riportato nella parte inferiore dell'etichetta relativa alla portata applicata sul canotto).
  • Seite 5 2. Als het gat te groot is om gerepareerd te worden met de bijgeleverde plakker, schaf dan een Bestway reparatieset aan, of stuur de boot naar een speciaalzaak om hem te laten repareren. Registratie (Alleen voor klanten uit VS/Canada) Indien u uw boot moet registreren, noteer dan het Hull Identification Number van de boot en de modelnaam en ga naar de website www.bestwaycorp.com/support om uw Certificate of Origin te...
  • Seite 6 Si el orificio es demasiado grande para ser reparado con el parche incluido, compre un kit de reparación Bestway o envíe el barco a reparar a un establecimiento especializado. Registro (Solo para clients en EE.UU/Canadá) Si necesita registrar la barca, busque el número de identificación del casco de la barca y el nombre del...
  • Seite 7 BEMÆRK: For at undgå skader på den aftagelige finne må du ikke sejle ind på lavt vand. Hvis hullet er for stort til at blive repareret med den medleverede lap, køb et Bestway reparationskit eller send båden til en ekspert for reparation. Registrering (Kun for amerikanske/canadiske kunder) Hvis du har brug for at registrere din båd, bedes du venligst have bådens skrogs...
  • Seite 8: Manual Do Usuário

    NOTA: Para evitar danos à barbatana amovível, não penetre em águas pouco profundas. Caso o orifício seja demasiado grande para ser reparado com o remendo fornecido, adquira um Kit de Reparação Bestway ou envie o barco para uma loja da especialidade para que procedam à reparação.
  • Seite 10: Руководство Пользователя

    ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. Во избежание повреждения съемного киля не заплывайте на мелководье. Если отверстие слишком велико и ремонт нельзя произвести с помощью заплаты, входящей в комплект, приобретите набор для ремонта Bestway или отправьте лодку в специализированную мастерскую для проведения ремонта. Регистрация (Только для покупателей из США и Канады) Если...
  • Seite 11 POZNÁMKA: Abyste zabránili poškození demontovatelné ploutve, vyhněte se mělké vodě. Pokud je díra příliš velká na záplatu v balení, kupte si soupravu na opravu Bestway nebo loď zašlete do specializovaného obchodu k opravě. Registrace (Pouze pro zákazníky z USA/Kanady) Pokud potřebujete svou loď...
  • Seite 12 Hvis hullet er for stort til å repareres med medfølgende lapp, så gå til innkjøp av et reparasjonssett fra Bestway eller lever inn båten til noen som kan reparere den. Registrering (Kun for kunder i USA/Canada) Hvis du har behov for å registrere båten din, vennligst hold båtens Hull Identification Number og modellnavn klart og gå...
  • Seite 13 Om hålet är för stort för att lagas med den medföljande lappen, köp en reparationssats från Bestway eller skicka in båten till en specialistbutik för lagning. Registrering (Endast för kunder i USA/Kanada) Om du behöver registrera din båt ska du förbereda dig med båtens skrovidentifikationsnummer och modellnummer, och sedan gå...
  • Seite 14 HUOMAA: Älä ohjaa venettä mataliin vesiin, sillä evä voi vahingoittua malassa vedessä. 2. Jos reikä on liian suuri korjattavaksi mukana tulleella paikalla, osta Bestway-paikkasetti tai lähetä vene korjattavaksi alan liikkeeseen. Rekisteröinti (Vain asiakkaille Yhdysvalloissa/Kanadassa) Jos sinun tulee rekisteröidä vene, käytä veneen rungon tunnistenumeroa ja mallinimeä sekä katso verkkosivustoa www.bestwaycorp.com/support saadaksesi alkuperätodistuksen tai vaihtoehtoisesti...
  • Seite 15 2. Pokiaľ je diera príliš veľká na opravu s pomocou záplaty, kúpte si súpravu na POZNÁMKA: Aby ste zabránili poškodeniu demontovateľnej plutvy, neplávajte do plytkej vody. opravy Bestway alebo loď odošlite do špecializovanej predajne na opravu. Registrácia (Len pre používateľov z US/Kanady) Ak potrebujete registrovať...
  • Seite 16 łatce. 2. Jeśli dziura jest zbyt duża do naprawienia przy mocy dołączonej do zestawu łatki, należy kupić zestaw naprawczy Bestway lub wysłać łódkę do specjalistycznego sklepu zlecając naprawę. Rejestracja produktu (Tylko w przypadku klientów z USA/Kanady) Jeśli chcesz zarejestrować...
  • Seite 17 Ha a lyuk túl nagy ahhoz, hogy a mellékelt tapasszal meg lehessen javítani, vásároljon Bestway javítókészletet, vagy javíttatásra küldje el a hajót az egyik márkaboltnak. Regisztráció (Csak az USA/Kanadai vásárlókra vonatkozik) Ha regisztrálni szeretné a csónakját, írja fel magának a Csónaktest Azonosító Számát valamint a modell nevét és látogassa meg a www.bestwaycorp.com/support weboldalt, ahol kérheti a...
  • Seite 18 1. Mazu caurumu var salabot atbilstoši norādījumiem uz remonta ielāpa. PIEZĪME: Lai izvairītos no noņemamā ķīļa bojāšanas, iebrauciet seklā ūdenī. 2. Ja caurums ir pārāk liels, lai to salabotu ar komplektā iekļauto ielāpu, iegādājieties Bestway remonta komplektu vai nosūtiet laivu remontam uz specializēto darbnīcu. Reģistrācija (Tikai klientiem ASV/Kanādā) Ja laivu nepieciešams reģistrēt, atrodiet korpusa identifikācijas numuru un modeļa nosaukumu un...
  • Seite 19 1. Jei yra nedidelė skylutė, sutaisykite ją remdamiesi korekcinio lopo uždėjimo PASTABA: Kad nepažeistumėte nuimamo plaukmens, neplaukite į seklumą. instrukcijomis. 2. Jei skylė yra per didelė, kad būtų sutvarkyta uždedant pridėtą lopą, įsigykite „Bestway“ remonto rinkinį arba nuneškite valtį į specialią parduotuvę, kad sutaisytų. Registracija (Tik JAV ir Kanados klientams) Jei reikia priregistruoti jūsų...
  • Seite 20: Navodila Za Uporabo

    OPOMBA: Da ne bi poškodovali snemljive plavuti, čolna ne uporabljajte v plitvi vodi. Če je luknjica prevelika, da bi jo popravili s priloženimi obliži, kupite komplet za popravilo Bestway ali pa čoln odpeljite na popravilo v specializiran servis. Registracija (Samo za stranke iz ZDA/Kanade) Če morate čoln registrirati, poiščite identifikacijsko številko trupa vašega čolna in ime modela in nato...
  • Seite 21: Kullanim Kilavuzu

    NOT: Sökülebilir salmanın hasar görmemesi için sığ sulara girmeyin. onarın. 2. Delik, verilen yama ile onarılmayacak kadar büyükse bir Bestway onarım kiti satın alan ya da botu onarım için uzman mağazalardan birine gönderin. Kayıt (Yalnızca ABD ve Kanada’daki müşteriler için) Eğer botunuzu kaydetmeniz gerekiyorsa lütfen botunuzun Tekne Tanıtıcı...
  • Seite 22 NOTĂ: Pentru a evita deteriorarea aripioarei detașabile, nu intrați în ape puțin adânci. Dacă orificiul este prea mare pentru a fi reparat cu peticul furnizat, achiziţionaţi un set de reparaţii Bestway sau trimiteţi barca la un magazin de specialitate pentru reparaţii. Înregistrare (Numai pentru clienţii din SUA/Canada) Dacă...
  • Seite 23 ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: За да се избегне увреждането на подвижните перки, не влизайте в плитки води. Ако отворът е твърде голям, за да бъде поправен с предоставената лепенка, закупете комплекта за ремонт Bestway или изпратете лодката в специален магазин, за да се извърши поправката.
  • Seite 24 2. Ako veliku rupu ne možete zakrpati pomoću priložene zakrpe, upotrijebite komplet NAPOMENA: Ne ulazite u kajak u plitkoj vodi kako ne biste oštetili odvojivu peraju. za krpanje Bestway ili odnesite čamac na popravak u specijaliziranu trgovinu. Registracija (Samo za korisnike iz SAD-a/Kanade) Ako morate registrirati čamac, pripremite identifikacijski broj trupa i naziv modela, a zatim posjetite...
  • Seite 25 1. Kui avastate väiksemaid auke, parandage need vastavalt remondilapi MÄRKUS. Eemaldatava kiilu vigastamise vältimiseks ärge pange seda kohale madalas vees. kasutamise juhistele. 2. Kui auk on liiga suur, et seda parandada komplektis oleva lapiga, ostke Bestway remondikomplekt või saatke paat remontimiseks töökotta. Registreerimine (Ainult US/Kanada klientidele) Kui teil on vaja paati registreerida, palume ette valmistada paadi kerenumber ja mudeli nimetus ning seejärel teie päritolusertifikaadi saamiseks külastada www.bestwaycorp.com/support , või meilida...
  • Seite 26 NAPOMENA: Da izbegnete oštećenja peraje, ne ulazite u plitku vodu. 2. Ako je rupa prevelika za popravku priloženom zakrpom, kupite Bestway set za popravke ili pošaljite čamac u specijalizovanu prodavnicu da se popravi. Registracija (Samo za kupce iz SAD i Kanade) Ako je potrebno da registrujete vaš...
  • Seite 27 .‫1. إذا ﻛﺎن ھﻧﺎك ﺛﻘب ﺻﻐﯾر، ﻗم ﺑﺈﺻﻼﺣﮫ وﻓﻘﺎ ﻟﺗﻌﻠﯾﻣﺎت رﻗﻌﺔ اﻹﺻﻼح‬ ‫ أو ﻗم ﺑﺈرﺳﺎل اﻟﻘﺎرب إﻟﻰ اﻟﻣﺗﺟر اﻟﻣﺗﺧﺻص‬Bestway ‫2. إذا ﻛﺎن اﻟﺛﻘب ﻛﺑﯾرً ا ﺟ د ً ا ﻋﻠﻰ اﻹﺻﻼح ﺑﺎﻟرﻗﻊ اﻟﻣﻘدﻣﺔ، ﻗم ﺑﺷراء طﻘم إﺻﻼح‬ .‫ﻹﺟراء اﻹﺻﻼح‬...
  • Seite 28 Distributed in Latin America by/Distribué en Amérique latine par/Distribuido en Latinoamérica por/Distribuído na América Latina por Bestway Central & South America Ltda, Salar Ascotan 1282, Parque Enea, Pudahuel, Santiago, Chile Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Bestway Australia Pty Ltd, 98-104 Carnarvon Street, Silverwater, NSW 2128, Australia www.bestwaycorp.com Made in China / Fabriqué...

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