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Troubleshooting - Parkside 600 A1 Bedienungs- Und Sicherheitshinweise

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Old devices must not be disposed of with household waste!
This symbol indicates that this product must not be disposed of together with domestic waste in compliance with the Directive (2012/19/
EU) pertaining to waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This product must be disposed of at a designated collection point.
This can occur, for example, by handing it in at an authorised collecting point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equip-
ment. Improper handling of waste equipment may have negative consequences for the environment and human health due to poten-
tially hazardous substances that are often contained in electrical and electronic equipment. By properly disposing of this product, you are also
contributing to the effective use of natural resources. You can obtain information on collection points for waste equipment from your municipal
administration, public waste disposal authority, an authorised body for the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment or your waste
disposal company.

16. Troubleshooting

Possible cause
Quality of cut is poor.
Cutting tool is dull.
Cutting too aggressive cut.
Cutting tool is positioned below workpiece
center line.
Lathe speed too slow
Excessive vibration when
Cutting tool is positioned below workpiece
turning thin workpieces.
centre line.
Cutting to aggressively.
Excessive vibration when
Headstock and/or tailstock improperly
turning large workpieces or
located at ends of workpiece.
Workpiece is unbalanced.
Lathe will not turn on.
Cord not connected into electrical outlet.
Lathe will not turn off.
Damaged or faulty power switch and/or
internal wiring.
Sharpen or replace cutting tool.
Reduce the working pressure.
Lower cutting tool to maximum 3mm above the centre line of
Increase lathe speed
Raise cutting tool to centerline of workpiece.
Use a lighter touch.
Check for proper workpiece centres at headstock and/or
Trim end of workpiece until workpiece is more balanced.
Connect to electrical outlet.
Unplug the lathe from its electrical outlet immediately. Do not
operate lathe until it is repaired by a qualified service technician.



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