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Use Only For Designated Use; Technical Details; Safety Advice - Powerfix IAN 73015 Bedienungsanleitung

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With your purchase you have decided on a
high-quality product. Get to know the product
before you start to use it. Carefully read the
following operating instructions. use the product
only as described and only for the given areas
of application. Keep these instructions safe.
When passing the product on to a third party,
always make sure that the documentation is

use only for designated use

This article is intended for private use as a
wall-mounting for a maximum of two bicycles
with cross-bars. It is not suitable for tricycles and
bicycles with stabilizers, or for ladies' bicycles or
city bicycles.

Technical details

Max. load: 50kg
Dimensions (once constructed):
approx. 33.5 x 43 x 65cm (W X H X D)
Weight: 2800g
1 x Bicycle wall bracket
1 x Mounting materials
1 x Instructions for use

Safety Advice

danger of Injury!
• Do not attempt to carry out maintenance or
repair work on bicycles when they are
attached to the wall-mounting.
• Ensure the wall provides sufficient support for
the bicycle wall bracket.
• When drilling, always watch out for supply
lines inside the wall.
• When hanging bicycles, always ensure
bicycles are securely seated in the notches.
• Only use the included mounting materials on
solid concrete walls.
• use appropriate mounting materials on light
construction walls.
• Maximum load of 50kg only applicable
when wall bracket has been mounted as per
• Do not exceed maximum load of 50kg.
• Check all parts of the bicycle wall bracket
regularly. Tighten any loose screws and
replace any damaged parts.
• No liability is assumed for personal injury
due to improper use.
• The maximum load of 50kg can be attained
only if bicycles are hung on both of the
wall fixture retaining brackets!
Assembly instructions
note: 2 people recommended for
Remove the cable ties on frame (1) and fit the
frame into the notches (2) (Fig. A).
You will need the following tools (not included)
to mount the wall bracket:
• 1 x Drill
• 1 x 8mm – drill
• 1 x Crosshead screwdriver



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