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Intended Use; Technical Specifications; Safety Notices - Powerfix FM-1490 Bedienungsanleitung

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With your purchase you have decided on a
high-quality product. Get to know the product
before you start to use it. Carefully read the
following operating instructions. Use the product
only as described and only for the given areas
of application. Keep these instructions safe.
When passing the product on to a third party,
always make sure that the documentation is

Intended use

This bicycle assembly stand was developed for
private use.

Technical Specifications

Maximum load: 30kg
For bicycle frames sized 25mm – 40mm
1 x Bike Workstand
1 x Assembly tools
1 x Instructions for use

Safety notices

Risk of injury!
• Thoroughly read the assembly and operating
instructions prior to assembly and follow the
individual steps as described in the assembly
• WARNING! Do not exceed the maximum
load capacity of 30kg! Injuries or product
damages may result.
• Routinely inspect all parts on the bicycle
assembly stand. Tighten loose screws and
replace defective parts to avoid product
• Always ensure the Allen screws at the top
pipe coupling are tightened securely.
• WARNING! Only set up the bicycle
assembly stand on solid and even surfaces to
prevent the product from tipping.
• WARNING! Do not sit persons on the
mounted bicycle. Risk of injury.
• CAUTION! Unconventional or even
improper use may put persons at risk or result
in damage to the bicycle.
• Avoid harsh chemicals (e.g. solvents)!
• Caution! Crushing hazard!
When folding and unfolding the assembly
stand, take care not to pinch your fingers.
• Position the assembly stand to leave sufficient
space to move around, even with the bicycle
• Avoid property damage!
To avoid damage to the bicycle avoid
pinching cables and/or wiring in the
assembly stand.
• When securing carbon frames or thin-walled
aluminium frames be careful to prevent
damaging the frame.
• The guide and securing components must be
kept free from oil and grease.
Please note:
Optionally, screw the feet of the assembly stand
to the ground to gain more stability. Please use
appropriate fastening material. Additionally, the
article is delivered with a stabiliser for mounting
the front tyre (7). Set up the tripod of the bicycle
assembly stand by sliding the joint (5) all the
way down on the tripod (4). Fix the joint in place
with the quick-release clamp (fig. B).
Turn the clamp clockwise at first until you feel
slight resistance. Complete one more turn before
closing the clamp. You should feel great
resistance when closing it. Subsequently, check
the fixing. Fold the feet (6) of the tripod legs
down and make sure the article is placed on
solid and even ground. Then insert the telescopic
rod (2) into the tripod and attach the bicycle
retainer (1) to the rod. Fasten the tool cup (3) to
any place on the tripod (4).



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