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Barcode Scanner; Safety Instructions; Operation - Conrad DC9257AP Bedienungsanleitung

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Verfügbare Sprachen

Verfügbare Sprachen

Operating instructions

Barcode Scanner

Item no. 1435467
Intended use
This barcode scanner comes with a holder and is designed to be connected to an OTG-ready mobile device
using a cable. It can be used for quick and easy data scanning, input, and recording. The barcode scanner
can be removed from the holder. Use the mobile barcode scanner with your mobile device for quick and
reliable scanning of conventional 1 D barcodes, such as Matrix 25 or EAN. The barcode scanner is ideal for
on-the-go use in shops, warehouses or offices. Data is transferred to your mobile device via a USB cable.
Power is provided by a built-in rechargeable battery in the holder, which can be charged using a standard
USB charger.
It is intended for indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors. Contact with moisture, e.g. in bathrooms, must be
avoided under all circumstances.
For safety and approval purposes (CE), you must not rebuild and/or modify this product. If you use the
product for purposes other than those described above, the product may be damaged. In addition, improper
use can cause hazards such as short circuiting, fire, electric shock etc. Read the instructions carefully and
keep them. Make this product available to third parties only together with its operating instructions.
This product complies with the statutory national and European requirements. All company names and
product names are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Delivery content
• Barcode scanner
• Holder with wrist strap
• Quick start guide
• Operating instructions
Up-to-date Operating Instructions
Download the latest operating instructions at www.conrad.com/downloads or scan the QR code above.
Follow the instructions on the website.

Safety instructions

Read the operating instructions carefully and especially observe the safety information.
If you do not follow the safety instructions and information on proper handling in this
manual, we assume no liability for any resulting personal injury or damage to property.
Such cases will invalidate the warranty/guarantee.
a) General information
• The device is not a toy. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
• Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. This may become dangerous playing
material for children.
• Protect the product from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, strong jolts, high humidity,
moisture, flammable gases, vapours and solvents.
• Do not place the product under any mechanical stress.
• If it is no longer possible to operate the product safely, take it out of operation and protect it
from any accidental use. Safe operation can no longer be guaranteed if the product:
- is visibly damaged,
- is no longer working properly,
- has been stored for extended periods in poor ambient conditions or
- has been subjected to any serious transport-related stresses.
• Please handle the product carefully. Jolts, impacts or a fall even from a low height can damage
the product.
• Also observe the safety and operating instructions of any other devices which are connected
to the product.
• Consult an expert when in doubt about operation, safety or connection of the device.
• Maintenance, modifications and repairs are to be performed exclusively by an expert or at a
qualified shop.
• If you have questions which remain unanswered by these operating instructions, contact our
technical support service or other technical personnel.
• Attention, LED light:
- Do not look directly into the LED light!
- Do not look into the beam directly or with optical instruments!
b) Rechargeable batteries
• The rechargeable battery is permanently built into the product and cannot be replaced.
• Never damage the rechargeable battery. Damaging the casing of the rechargeable battery
might cause an explosion or a fire!
• Never short-circuit the contacts of the rechargeable battery. Do not throw the battery or the
product into fire. There is a danger of fire and explosion!
• Charge the rechargeable battery regularly, even if you do are not using the product. Due to the
rechargeable battery technology being used, you do not need to discharge the rechargeable
battery first.
• Never charge the rechargeable battery of the product unattended.
• When charging, place the product on a surface that is not heat-sensitive. It is normal that a
certain amount of heat is generated during charging.
Operating elements
1 Micro USB connector
2 Strap connector
3 Sliding switch
4 Scan trigger (Finger touchpad not marked)
5 Scan window


a) Charging the battery
The battery must be charged before using the product for the first time.
The LED indicator (7) flashes red when there is insufficient battery power remaining. When the indicator
flashes, charge the battery straight away. To charge the battery, follow the steps below:
• Move the sliding switch (3) to the "C" position.
Do not charge the battery when the scanner is turned on (position "O"), otherwise it will charge
using the power from your mobile device, which will drain your battery quickly.
• Connect the micro USB connector on a suitable mobile phone charger to the micro USB port (6) on the
side of the holder.
• Charging begins as soon as the USB power source delivers a current. The LED indicator (7) turns green
to indicate that the internal battery is charging. Depending on the remaining battery level, a full charge
takes 3-4 hours.
• The green LED indicator will turn off when the battery is fully charged.
• Move the sliding switch (3) to position "O" when the indicator turns off. The green LED indicator will turn on
briefly and you will hear a beep. The product is now ready to use.
b) Meaning of the LED indicator status (7)
• The LED is green.
The battery is charging (ensure that the sliding switch (3) is set to "C")
• The green LED turns off.
The battery is fully charged.
• The LED flashes red.
Low battery
c) Setting up the device
• Store the barcode scanner in the holder. Insert the scanner into the USB connection on the top of the
• Peel the transparent film off the adhesive pad (8). If necessary, remove any protective covers or other
accessories from your mobile device. The scanner must be placed on a smooth surface on the device
housing. Place the holder on the back of your phone, ensuring that the hook sits over the edge of the
phone. Press the suction pads (9) and the adhesive pad firmly to secure both parts together.
• Remove the scanner from your mobile device when it is not required. The adhesive pad is reusable.
• If desired, remove the strap from the holder.
d) Configuring the barcode scanner
The barcode scanner can be configured to suit different usage scenarios. Use the following instructions
together with the quick start guide included with the product. The quick start guide includes all barcodes
that are needed to configure the scanner. Scan the desired barcode with the barcode scanner to apply the
corresponding settings. The configuration codes are printed next to each other in some places. Cover the
other codes (apart from the code that you want to scan) with your hand or a piece of paper. You can also
configure the barcode scanner before connecting it to a device. All symbologies are enabled by default.
You can disable individual symbologies as required.
• Turn on the barcode scanner by moving the sliding switch (3) to the "O" position.
• Enable configuration mode by scanning the Start Configuration barcode in the quick start guide. You will
hear a beep. Scan a barcode to apply the corresponding settings.
• Exit configuration mode by scanning the End Configuration barcode.
e) Setting the keyboard country
• Enable configuration mode by scanning the Start Configuration barcode in the quick start guide.
• Scan the configuration barcode for the desired country. The country barcodes can be found in the
"Keyboard Language (For USB HID only)" section in the quick start guide. You will hear a beep when the
scanner registers the barcode.
6 Micro USB port
7 LED indicator
8 Adhesive pad
9 Suction pad