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Attaching The Bicycle; Care, Storage; Disposal Notice; Years Warranty - Powerfix FM-1490 Bedienungsanleitung

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Attaching the bicycle

• After positioning, make sure that
the bicycle fits safely and that the
assembly stand is stable.
• Please observe the maximum
extension lengths of the telescopic
rod (2) and the bicycle retainer (1);
do not exceed the marking.
Choose the section of the bicycle frame you wish
to clamp in the retainer of the bicycle assembly
stand. This section of the frame must be located
in the bicycle's centre by all means. Set the an-
gle of the bicycle retainer (1) to fit the selected
bicycle frame length (see examples in fig. C and
fig. D) and tighten the screw on the clamping
device of the retainer. Place the bicycle in the
retainer and fold down the quick release (fig. F).
Make sure that the bicycle fits safely. If the clam-
ping is not sufficient, release the clamping device
and fasten the butterfly nut beneath the bicycle
retainer more tightly. Then fold the quick-release
clamping device down once again. Re-check the
• We recommend carrying out the
following step (height adjustment)
with 2 people.
Extend the telescopic rod (2) to the desired
height. By turning the rod you can also change
the position of the clamped bicycle. As soon
as you have reached the desired height and
position, fasten the telescopic rod to the tripod
with the quick release. Proceed in the same way
as with the quick release on the tripod joint
(fig. B). To stabilise the front tyre, clamp the front
tyre stabiliser (7), that is included in the delivery,
between the handlebar and the telescopic rod
(fig. E).
Tool tray
A magnet is located inside the large compart-
ment of the tool tray for securing small parts.

Care, storage

Routinely clean the bicycle assembly stand with
warm water and pH-neutral soap. Always follow
with a dry cloth! Avoid harsh chemicals (e.g.
solvents)! Store the product in a dry and well-
ventilated area.

Disposal notice

Please dispose of the packaging and article in
an environmentally friendly manner! Dispose
of the article with a certified disposal company
or your municipal local government. Follow the
current local disposal regulations that apply.

3 Years Warranty

The product was produced with great care and
under constant supervision. You receive a three-
year warranty for this product from the date of
purchase. Please retain your receipt.
The warranty applies only to material and
workmanship and does not apply to misuse or
improper handling. Your statutory rights, espe-
cially the warranty rights, are not affected by this
With regard to complaints, please contact the
following service hotline or contact us by e-mail.
Our service employees will advise as to the
subsequent procedure as quickly as possible.
We will be personally available to discuss the
situation with you.
Any repairs under the warranty, statutory gua-
rantees or through goodwill do not extend the
warranty period. This also applies to replaced
and repaired parts.
Repairs after the warranty are subject to a
IAN: 96689
Service Great Britain
0871 5000 720 (£ 0.10/Min.)
E-Mail: deltasport@lidl.co.uk
Service Malta
E-Mail: deltasport@lidl.com.mt
You can also find spare parts for your product at:
www.delta-sport.com, category Service - Lidl Spare Parts



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