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Using The Article; Care And Storage; Disposal; Years Warranty - Powerfix IAN 89269 Bedienungsanleitung

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using the article

You can hang a maximum of two bicycles on
the wall rack (two men's bicycles, or one men's
bicycle and one ladies' bicycle).
When not using the bicycle rack, you can re-
lease the locking mechanism and fold it up.
Men's bicycles
Place bicycles with crossbars onto the notches
(8) of the wall rack (fig. D).
ladies' bicycles or city bikes
Hang the frame hook in the right or left front
notch. Hang a ladies' bicycle or a city bike on
the frame hook (fig. E).

care and Storage

The bicycle wall bracket should be cleaned re-
gularly with warm water and pH-neutral soap,
then wiped dry with a cloth. Avoid harsh chemi-
cal agents (e.g. solvents).


Please dispose of the product and packaging in
an environmentally friendly manner, separating
different materials for recycling as required!
Dispose of this item through an authorised
disposal company or through your local waste
disposal facilities - ask your local authority for
information if further guidance is required.
Ensure that you comply with all regulations
currently in force.

3 years warranty

The product was produced with great care and
under constant supervision. You receive a three-
year warranty for this product from the date of
purchase. Please retain your receipt.
The warranty applies only to material and work-
manship and does not apply to misuse or impro-
per handling. Your statutory rights, especially the
warranty rights, are not affected by this warran-
With regard to complaints, please contact the
following service hotline or contact us by e-mail.
Our service employees will advise as to the
subsequent procedure as quickly as possible.
We will be personally available to discuss the
situation with you.
Any repairs under the warranty, statutory gua-
rantees or through goodwill do not extend the
warranty period. This also applies to replaced
and repaired parts. Repairs after the warranty
are subject to a charge.
IAN: 89269
Service Great Britain
0871 5000 720
(£ 0.10/Min.)
E-Mail: deltasport@lidl.co.uk
Service Ireland
1890 930 034
(0,08 EUR/Min., (peak))
(0,06 EUR/Min., (off peak))
E-Mail: deltasport@lidl.ie
You can also find spare parts for your product at:
www.delta-sport.com, category Service - Lidl Spare Parts



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