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Cleaning/Maintenance; General Cleaning Work; Cleaning The Wire Filter Basket And Pleated Filter - Parkside PAS 500 D3 Betriebsanleitung

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no more than half, so the pleated filter
always remains clear.
Empty the container outside in order
to avoid mess (see "cleaning/mainte-
Clean the pre-filter (
required, the folder filter (


- if suction power declines
- if the inspection window on the con-
tainer lid of the blockage indication
system (
3) turns red.
Pull out the mains plug.
Danger of electric shock.
Never hose the appliance down
with water. Never use aggressive
cleaning agents or solvents. This
could damage the appliance.
If the single-use thermal fuse has
permanently disconnected the pow-
er circuit, the device must be sent to
a service centre for repair.

General Cleaning Work

Clean the equipment after each
Carry out cleaning outside in order to
avoid mess.
Remove the container lid (
the pre-filter (
metal container (
metal container with water and allow it
to dry.
Tap the pre-filter (
with a brush or hand-brush.
After removing the suction hose (
11), clean the dust and soot particles
from the connections. This ensures that
15) and if
13) (see
5) and
15) and empty the
10). Clean the
15) and clean it
the suction hose can be inserted again
Clean the wire filter basket and the
pleated filter (see below).
Cleaning the Wire Filter
Basket and Pleated Filter
Replace the pleated filter if it is
worn, damaged or heavily soiled
(see "replacement parts").
1. Take off the container cover (5).
2. Turn the wire filter basket (14)
anticlockwise and take it off.
Tap out the wire filter basket.
3. Tap out the pleated filter (13)
and clean it with a paintbrush
or hand brush.
Don't wash the pleated
filter in water.
4. Place the pleated filter (13) on
the rotated container lid (5) (see
small image
Here, the
rubber ring
must be on
the contain-
er lid and
press the
safety stop switch (16a) down-
wards. Make sure that the pres-
sure mark on the rubber ring is
re-positioned on the switch of
the safety stop.
5. Pull the wire filter basket (14)
over the pleated filter (13) and
turn it clockwise until it stops.
The safety stop (16b) must be
pressed down.
If there is play in the wire filter bas-
ket (14), use a finger to press down
the metal lugs (17).




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