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Assembly; Switching On/Off; Operating Instructions - Parkside PAS 500 D3 Betriebsanleitung

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Disconnect at the plug before carry-
ing out any work on the equipment.
Risk of electric shock!
1. Insert pre-filter:
Put the lip seal (15a) of the pre-
filter (15) over the edge of the
metal container (10) (see small
2. Check that the pleated filter
 13) and wire filter basket
 14) are sitting correctly and
3. Place the container lid (5) on
the metal container (10) and
close it using the seal clips (8).
4. Connect the suction hose (11).
To do this, insert the rotatable
plastic end piece (with the
printed symbol) into the
hose connection (7) and
screw it tight (bayonet con-
When assembling/detaching the
suction hose, hold the black plastic
end piece and not the metal suction
hose. Twisting or bending could
damage the hose.
5. Plug the suction tube (12) onto
the rigid end piece of the suc-
tion hose (11).

Switching on/off

Connect the mains plug.
The equipment is fitted with a safety
stop, which allows operation only
with the pleated filter and wire filter
basket installed correctly.
Switching On:
On/Off Switch (see
Switching Off:
On/Off Switch (see

Operating Instructions

The vacuuming of glowing
embers and of materials that
are combustible, explosive or
harmful to health is prohib-
ited. There is a risk of injury!
Place the equipment on a level surface
that is not heat sensitive.
Use the pre-filter (15) when vacuum-
ing fine, cold ashes or dust in order to
protect the metal filter cage (14) and
the folded filter (13) against contami-
The pre-filter (15) can be removed to
vacuum coarse dirt. This increases the
suction power.
Always use the suction tube for vacu-
uming. In case of minor contamination,
hold the suction pipe approx. 1 cm
above the ash. Remove large ash vol-
umes by directly immersing the suction
Vacuum only cooled ash at less than
When vacuuming, keep checking the
metal container and suction hose for
rises in temperature.
In the event of a rise in temperature,
switch off the equipment and discon-
nect at the plug. Place the equipment
outside and monitor it as it cools.
During breaks, you can place the suc-
tion hose (
 12) in the suction tube
holder (
 2) on the container lid.
Always use the carry handle (
for transporting the equipment.
The metal container may be filled to
6) In position "I"
6) In position "0"




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