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General Description; Delivery Contents; Description Of Operation; Overview - Parkside PAS 500 D3 Betriebsanleitung

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The manufacturer will not be held respon-
sible for injuries resulting from use which
does not comply with the directions, or
from incorrect use.

General description

See the front fold-out page for

Delivery Contents

Unpack the equipment and check that it is
Dispose of the packaging material in a
proper manner.
5 Container lid incl. motor hous-
10 Metal container
11 Metal suction hose
12 Suction tube
13 Pleated filter (already mounted)
14 Wire filter basket
(already mounted)
15 Pre-filter
- Instruction Manual

Description of operation

The ash vacuum cleaner is fitted with a
stable metal container with a cover. The
vacuum set comprises a flexible metal suc-
tion hose and an aluminium suction hose.
The pre-filter protects the metal filter cage
against contamination and thus, facilitates
cleaning. A safety stop prevents the vac-
uum cleaner from being operated without
the filter or filter basket.
A single-use thermal fuse permanently
disconnects the power circuit in event of
overheating or fire inside the device.
The following describes the function of the
operating parts.


1 Power cord
2 Suction tube holder
3 Inspection window blockage
4a Carry handle
4b Retaining bracket for hose and
power cord
5 Container lid
6 On/off switch
7 Hose connection
8 Seal clips
9 Arched handle for metal con-
10 Metal container
11 Metal suction hose
12 Suction tube
13 Pleated filter
14 Wire filter basket
15 Pre-filter
15a Lip seal on pre-filter
16a Safety stop pleated filter
16b Safety stop wire filter basket
17 Metal lugs for fastening the wire
filter basket
18 Air filter
19 Filter housing
20 Motor housing




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