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Safety Warnings - Märklin Ce 6/8 II Bedienungsanleitung

Modell des "krokodils" der sbb
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This locomotive has a built-in multi-train electronic
circuit and offers these features:
• Optional operation with DC power (max. ± 18 volts DC),
AC power (with Märklin 32 VA transformer), with Märklin
Delta (only with the 6607 Delta Station), Märklin Digital
(only with the Control Unit), or Märklin Systems (Mobile
Station, Central Station).
• The mode of operation is automatically recognized.
• 80 multi-train addresses can be set. Address that set at
the factory: 68
• Mfx technology for the Mobile Station / Central Station.
Name set at the factory: Ce 6/8 II
• Adjustable acceleration/Braking delay (ABV).
• Adjustable maximum speed.
• Volume can be changed for the sound effects
• The model is designed for operation on Märklin 1 Gauge
track. As the consumer you assume the risk for operating
on other makes of track.
• Minimum radius for operation: 1020 mm / 40-3/16".
• Märklin claw couplers front and rear. You may have opera-
tions problems if you use other makes of couplers.
Maintenance procedures that become necessary with
normal operation of the locomotive are described
below. Please see your authorized Märklin dealer for
repairs or spare parts.
No warranty or damage claims shall be accepted in those cases where parts
neither manufactured nor approved by Märklin have been installed in Märklin
products or where Märklin products have been converted in such a way that
the non-Märklin parts or the conversion were causal to the defects and / or
damage arising. The burden of presenting evidence and the burden of proof
thereof, that the installation of non-Märklin parts or the conversion in or of
Märklin products was not causal to the defects and / or damage arising, is
borne by the person and / or company responsible for the installation and /
or conversion, or by the customer.

Safety Warnings

• This locomotive is to be used only with an operating
system designed for it (Märklin 6646/6647 AC transformer,
Märklin Delta, Märklin Digital or Märklin Systems).
• This locomotive must never be supplied with power from
more than one transformer.
• Pay close attention to the safety warnings in the instructions
for your operating system.
• This locomotive should only be opened by adults for the
purpose of maintenance work or changing the address on
the decoder.
• Under no circumstances should transformers rated for an
input of 220 volts be connected to the American 110 volt
household current system.
• Caution:
Regardless of whether model is standing still or in
motion, never grasp the drive rods and valve gear with
your fingers. You may possibly pinch and injure your
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