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Electrolux EASYCOMPACT EHM 4200 Anleitung

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CODIC: 3277135



Inhaltszusammenfassung für Electrolux EASYCOMPACT EHM 4200

  • Seite 2 HANDMIXER EASYCOMPACT MODEL EHM4xx GB • D • F • NL • I • E • P • TR • S • DK • FI • N • CZ • SK • RU • UA • PL • H • HR • SR • RO • BG • SL • ES • LV • LT...
  • Seite 3 GB Instruction book ....3–10 DK Brugervejledning ....19-26 SR Uputstvo za upotrebu ...35–42 Before using the appliance for the Før apparatet bruges for første Pre prvog korišćenja ovog uređaja, first time, please read the safety gang, bør sikkerhedsrådene på side pročitajte bezbednosne savete na advice on page 4.
  • Seite 4 Components Teile Éléments Onderdelen A. Hand mixer A. Handmixer A. Batteur électrique A. Handmixer B. Speed selector B. Drehzahlwahlschalter B. Sélecteur de vitesse B. Snelheidsregelaar C. Pulse button C. Pulstaste C. Bouton Pulse C. Pulsknop D. Eject button D. Auswurftaste D.
  • Seite 5: Consignes De Sécurité

    Consignes de sécurité / Veiligheidsadvies Avant d'utiliser l'appareil pour la • Si l'appareil ou le cordon • Cet appareil est exclusivement destiné première fois, il est impératif de d'alimentation est endommagé, il à un usage domestique. Le fabricant lire attentivement les instructions doit être remplacé par le fabricant, décline toute responsabilité...
  • Seite 6 Getting started / Erste Schritte Première utilisation / Het eerste gebruik 1. Before fi rst use, be sure to clean 2. Push whisks or dough hooks into 3. Before removing whisks or hooks, whisks and dough hooks. Before accessory slots underneath the mixer, unplug the handmixer.
  • Seite 7 Operating instructions / Bedienungsanleitung Instructions d'utilisation / Bedieningsinstructies 1. The mixer can be used continuously 2. Operating the mixer. Select speed by 3. When the Pulse button is pressed for up to 5 minutes. Then allow to setting the speed selector from 1 to and held during operation, the mixer cool for at least 20 minutes.
  • Seite 8 Settings and troubleshooting / Einstellungen und Fehlersuche Réglages et gestion des pannes / Instellingen en problemen oplossen Setting Speed range 1–3 or 5, depending on model Kneading, Mixing Start with 1 or 2, then up to 5 Folding in 3, 4 Stirring Start with 2 or 3, then speed up Whisking, Frothing 3, 4 or 5 Start processing at low speed to avoid powdery foods and liquids spraying out.
  • Seite 9: Reiniging En Opslag

    Cleaning and storage / Reinigen und Aufbewahren Nettoyage et rangement / Reiniging en opslag 1. Before cleaning, always unplug the 2. Whisks and dough hooks can be 3. Storage. Fasten the handmixer on appliance. Never rinse or immerse cleaned with a brush under running the stand and wrap the cord on the appliance in water, just wipe with a water or in the dishwasher.
  • Seite 10 Disposal / Entsorgung Mise au rebut / Verwijdering Old appliance which could otherwise be caused by Disposal Packaging materials inappropriate waste handling of this The symbol on the product or on product. For more detailed information The packaging materials are environ- its packaging indicates that this product about recycling of this product, please mentally friendly and can be recycled.
  • Seite 11 Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliances AB St. Göransgatan 143 S-105 45 Stockholm Sweden Share more of our thinking at www.electrolux.com 3483E EHM4xx02011109...

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