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Safety Notes; Important Notes; Functions - Märklin 55105 Handbuch




Safety Notes

• This locomotive is to be used only with an operating system desi-
gned for it (Märklin AC, Märklin Digital, Märklin Systems, DCC).
• Use only switched mode power supply units and transformers that
are designed for your local power system.
• This locomotive must never be supplied with power from more than
one transformer.
• Pay close attention to the safety notes in the instructions for your
operating system.
• The feeder track must be equipped to prevent interference with
radio and television reception, when the locomotive is to be run in
conventional operation. The 104770 interference suppression set is
to be used for this purpose.
• The wire used for feeder connections to the track may only be a
maximum of 2 meters / 78 inches long.
• Do not expose the model to direct sunlight, extreme changes in
temperature, or high humidity.
• WARNING! Sharp edges and points required for operation.
• The LEDs in this item correspond to Laser Class 1 according to Stan-
dard EN 60825-1.
General Note to Avoid Electromagnetic Interference:
A permanent, flawless wheel-rail contact is required in order to
guarantee operation for which a model is designed. Do not make any
changes to current-conducting parts.

Important Notes

• Due to the high power requirements for this heavy locomotive, there
are only limited possibilities for operation with the 60652/60653
Mobile Station.
• The operating instructions are a component part of the product and must
therefore be kept as well as transferred along with the product to others.
• Please see your authorized Märklin dealer for repairs or spare parts.
• The warranty card included with this product specifies the warranty
Betrieb • Operation • Fonctionnement
• Disposing: www.maerklin.com/en/imprint.html


• The mode of operation (AC, Mfx, Märklin Motorola, or DCC) is recog-
nized automatically.
• Mfx technology for the Mobile Station / Central Station.
Name set at the factory: 103 133-5
• Address set at the factory: (Märklin) 03 / (DCC) 3
• Setting locomotive parameters (address, acceleration/braking delay,
maximum speed, etc.): with the Control Unit and DCC (CV program-
ming), Mobile Station, or the Central Station.
• The pantographs can be adjusted in height (CV 943 – 952)
Note: The locomotive cannot be packed in its packaging with an
altered lower height. The CV 943 and 948 must be restored to their
factory settings in order to pack the locomotive in its packaging.
• Direction-dependent headlights.
• Cab lighting that changes over with the direction of travel
• Voltage buffer included (to buffer dirty areas of track)
• The model is designed for operation on Märklin 1 Gauge track. As
the consumer you assume the risk for operating on other makes of
• Minimum radius for operation: 1020 mm / 40-1/6".
• Only the train control functions and headlight changeover feature
are available in analog operation.
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