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  • Seite 1 English Français Deutsch Italiano Español Português Nederlands Norsk Dansk Svenska Suomi Русский Polski Magyar Čeština Slovenčina Slovenski Hrvatski Română Български Eesti Latviski Lietuviškai Ελληνικά Türkçe 한국어 繁體中文 简体中文 Bahasa Indonesia ä·Â Ver.: 01.01.06...
  • Seite 3 Aspire Notebook User’s Manual...
  • Seite 4 © 2013 All Rights Reserved Aspire Notebook User’s Manual This revision: 01/2013 Model number: __________________________________ Serial number: ___________________________________ Date of purchase: ________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________...
  • Seite 5: Safety Instructions

    Information for your safety and comfort Safety instructions Read these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Turning the product off before cleaning Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.
  • Seite 6 • Do not overload a power outlet, strip or receptacle by plugging in too many devices. The overall system load must not exceed 80% of the branch circuit rating. If power strips are used, the load should not exceed 80% of the power strip's input rating.
  • Seite 7: Product Servicing

    may touch dangerous voltage points or short-out parts that could result in a fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind onto or into the product. • To avoid damage of internal components and to prevent battery leakage, do not place the product on a vibrating surface.
  • Seite 8: Replacing The Battery Pack

    Wireless devices may be susceptible to interference from the battery, which could affect performance. Note: Please refer to www.acer.com for battery shipping documents. Replacing the battery pack The notebook uses lithium batteries. Replace the battery with the same type as that which came bundled with your product.
  • Seite 9: Radio Frequency Interference

    CAUTION: This appliance contains a laser system and is classified as a "CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT." In case of any trouble with this device, please contact your nearest AUTHORIZED service station. To prevent direct exposure to the laser beam, do not try to open the enclosure. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT CAUTION: INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION WHEN OPEN.
  • Seite 10: Medical Devices

    viii Remember to follow any special regulations in force in any area, and always switch off your device when its use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Use the device only in its normal operating positions. This device meets RF exposure guidelines when used normally.
  • Seite 11: Potentially Explosive Environments

    ENERGY STAR Acer's ENERGY STAR qualified products save your money by reducing energy cost and protecting the environment without sacrificing features or performance. Acer is proud to offer our customers products with the ENERGY STAR mark. What is ENERGY STAR?
  • Seite 12: Tips And Information For Comfortable Use

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Acer is committed to offering products and services worldwide that help customers save money, conserve energy and improve the quality of our environment. The more energy we can save through higher energy efficiency, the more we reduce greenhouse gases and the risks of climate change.
  • Seite 13 • Avoid slouching forward and/or leaning backward. • Stand up and walk around regularly to remove the strain on your leg muscles. • Take short rests to relax your neck and shoulders. • Avoid tensing your muscles or shrugging your shoulders. •...
  • Seite 14 • Perform some stretching exercises. • Breathe fresh air as often as possible. • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body. Warning! We do not recommend using the computer on a couch or bed. If this is unavoidable, work for only short periods, take breaks regularly, and do some stretching exercises.
  • Seite 15: First Things First

    First things first We would like to thank you for making an Acer notebook your choice for meeting your mobile computing needs. Your guides To help you use your Acer notebook, we have designed a set of guides: First off, the setup poster helps you get started with setting up your computer.
  • Seite 16: Taking Care Of Your Computer

    Note: If you cannot power off the computer normally, press and hold the power button for more than four seconds to shut down the computer. If you turn off the computer and want to turn it on again, wait at least two seconds before powering up. Taking care of your computer Your computer will serve you well if you take care of it.
  • Seite 17: Taking Care Of Your Battery Pack

    Taking care of your battery pack Here are some ways to take care of your battery pack: • Use only batteries of the same kind as replacements. Turn the power off before removing or replacing batteries. • Do not tamper with batteries. Keep them away from children. •...
  • Seite 18: Inhaltsverzeichnis

    Reinstalling drivers and applications Returning to an earlier system snapshot Returning your system to its factory condition Recovering from Windows Recovering from a recovery backup Acer Backup Manager Acer clear.fi Navigating media and photos Shared files Which devices are compatible?
  • Seite 19 xvii Disable Fast startup Battery pack Battery pack characteristics Charging the battery Optimizing battery life Checking the battery level Battery-low warning Installing and removing the battery pack Taking your notebook PC with you Disconnecting from the desktop Moving around Preparing the computer What to bring to meetings Taking the computer home Preparing the computer...
  • Seite 20 (for selected models) To connect the digital antenna Watching TV with an external antenna or cable socket BIOS utility Boot sequence Password Using software Playing DVD movies Using a Bluetooth connection Enabling and disabling Bluetooth Adding a Bluetooth device Troubleshooting Troubleshooting tips Error messages Frequently asked questions...
  • Seite 21 Canada — Low-power license-exempt radio communication devices (RSS-210) Exposure of humans to RF fields (RSS-102) LCD panel ergonomic specifications...
  • Seite 22: Touchpad

    Touchpad The built-in touchpad is a pointing device that senses movement on its surface. This means the cursor responds as you move your finger across the surface of the touchpad. Note: Please keep the touchpad and your fingers dry and clean. Touchpad basics (for models with separate buttons) The following items show you how to use the touchpad with two buttons.
  • Seite 23: Touchpad Basics (For Models With Integrated Buttons)

    Note: When using the touchpad, keep it — and your fingers — dry and clean. The touchpad is sensitive to finger movement; hence, the lighter the touch, the better the response. Tapping harder will not increase the touchpad's responsiveness. Note: By default, vertical and horizontal scrolling is enabled on your touchpad.
  • Seite 24: Touchpad Gestures

    Touchpad gestures Windows 8 and many applications support touchpad gestures that use one or more fingers. Note: Support for touchpad gestures depends on the active application. • Swipe in from right edge: Toggle the charms. • Swipe in from top edge: Toggle the app commands. •...
  • Seite 25: Using The Keyboard

    Using the keyboard The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded numeric keypad*, separate cursor, lock, Windows, function and special keys. Lock keys and embedded numeric keypad\ Note: Information in this section may not apply to your computer. The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off. Lock key Description Caps Lock...
  • Seite 26: Hotkeys

    Hotkeys The computer employs hotkeys or key combinations to access most of the computer's controls like screen brightness and volume output. To activate hotkeys, press and hold the <Fn> key before pressing the other key in the hotkey combination. Hotkey Icon Function Description...
  • Seite 27 Hotkey Icon Function Description <Fn> + Play/Pause Play or pause a selected media <Home> file. <Fn> + Stop Stop playing the selected <Pg Up> media file. <Fn> + Previous Return to the previous media file. <Pg Dn> <Fn> + <End> Next Jump to the next media file.
  • Seite 28: Recovery

    This section describes the recovery tools available on your computer. Acer provides Acer Recovery Management, which allows you to create a recovery backup, a drivers and applications backup, and to start recovery options, either using Windows tools, or the recovery backup.
  • Seite 29 1. From Start, type 'Recovery' and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps. 2. Click Create Factory Default Backup. The Recovery Drive window opens. Make sure Copy contents from the recovery partition to the recovery drive is selected.
  • Seite 30: Creating A Drivers And Applications Backup

    4. You will be shown the backup progress on the screen. 5. Follow the process until it completes. 6. After creating the recovery backup, you can choose to delete the recovery information on your computer. If you delete this information, you can only use the USB recovery backup to restore your computer, if you lose or erase the USB drive, you cannot restore your computer.
  • Seite 31 1. From Start, type 'Recovery' and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps. 2. Click Create Drivers and Applications Backup. Plug in the USB drive or insert a blank DVD into the optical drive, then click Next.
  • Seite 32: Recovering Your System

    • If you are using optical discs, the drive ejects each disc as it completes burning it. Remove the disc from the drive and mark it with a permanent marker. If multiple discs are required, insert a new disc when prompted, then click OK. Continue until the process is complete.
  • Seite 33 1. Insert the Drivers and Applications Backup into the disc drive or connect it to a free USB port. • If you inserted a DVD wait for Acer Resource Center to start. • If Acer Resource Center does not start automatically, press the Windows key + <E>, then double-click on the optical drive icon.
  • Seite 34: Returning To An Earlier System Snapshot

    2. You should see the Contents section of the Acer Resource Center. 3. Click the install icon for the item you want to install, then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. Repeat this step for each item you want to reinstall.
  • Seite 35: Returning Your System To Its Factory Condition

    16. Recovering from Windows Start Acer Recovery Management: • From Start, type 'Recovery' and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps. Two options are available, Restore Factory Settings (Reset my PC) or Customized Restore (Refresh my PC).
  • Seite 36 Restore Factory Settings with Acer Recovery Management 1. Click Restore Factory Settings. Caution: 'Restore Factory Settings' will erase all files on your hard drive. 2. The Reset your PC window opens. Images for reference only. 3. Click Next, then choose how to erase your files: a.
  • Seite 37: Recovering From A Recovery Backup

    Customized Restore with Acer Recovery Management 1. Click Customized Restore (Retain User Data). 2. The Refresh your PC window opens. 3. Click Next, then Refresh. 4. The recovery process begins by restarting your computer, then continues by copying files to your hard drive. This process takes about 30 minutes.
  • Seite 38 a. Use your arrow keys to select USB Device, then press Enter. b. Windows starts from the recovery backup instead of the normal startup process. 5. Select your keyboard type. 6. Select Troubleshoot and then choose the type of recovery to use: a.
  • Seite 39 b. Fully clean the drive completely cleans the drive after each file is erased, so no files can be viewed after the recovery. Cleaning the drive takes much longer, up to 5 hours, but is much more secure as old files are completely removed.
  • Seite 40: Acer Backup Manager

    Acer Backup Manager Note: This feature is only available on certain models. Acer Backup Manager is a utility that enables you to do a variety of backup functions each accomplished in only three simple steps. You can even set these functions to automatically recur as often as your like.
  • Seite 41 *NOTE: You will need to select an external drive or your D: drive; Acer Backup Manager cannot store a backup on the source drive. If you wish to change your settings at any time, go to the Acer Backup Manager profiles screen. To get there from the Acer Backup Manager welcome screen, click Launch My Backup Profiles.
  • Seite 42: Acer Clear.fi

    Acer clear.fi Note: Only for certain models. With Acer clear.fi, you can enjoy videos, photos and music. Stream media from, or to, other devices with Acer clear.fi installed. Note: All devices must be connected to the same network. To watch videos or listen to music open clear.fi Media, to browse photos open clear.fi Photo.
  • Seite 43: Which Devices Are Compatible

    Open clear.fi on the device that stores the files, select Edit then make sure Share my library on local network is active. Which devices are compatible? Certified Acer devices with clear.fi or DLNA software can be used with the clear.fi software. These include DLNA-compliant PCs, smartphones, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.
  • Seite 44: Power Management

    Fast startup: Note: If Fast startup is off, your computer will take longer to start from Sleep. If your computer features Acer Instant On or Acer Instant Connect, these will also be turned off. Your computer will also not start if it receives an instruction to start over a network or from a connected HDMI device (Wake on LAN or Wake on HDMI).
  • Seite 45 5. To access Shutdown Settings, select Change settings that are currently unavailable. 6. Scroll down and disable Turn on fast startup. 7. Select Save changes.
  • Seite 46: Battery Pack

    Battery pack The computer uses a battery pack that gives you long use between charges. Battery pack characteristics The battery pack has the following characteristics: • Employs current battery technology standards. • Delivers a battery-low warning. The battery is recharged whenever you connect the computer to the AC adapter. Your computer supports charge-in-use, enabling you to recharge the battery while you continue to operate the computer.
  • Seite 47: Charging The Battery

    By following the battery conditioning process you condition your battery to accept the maximum possible charge. Failure to follow this procedure will prevent you from obtaining the maximum battery charge, and will also shorten the effective lifespan of the battery. In addition, the useful lifespan of the battery is adversely affected by the following usage patterns: •...
  • Seite 48: Checking The Battery Level

    Checking the battery level The Windows power meter indicates the current battery level. Rest the cursor over the battery/power icon on the taskbar to see the battery's present charge level. Battery-low warning When using battery power pay attention to the Windows power meter. Warning: Connect the AC adapter as soon as possible after the battery-low warning appears.
  • Seite 49 Important! Before removing the battery from the unit, connect the AC adapter if you want to continue using your computer. Otherwise, turn off the computer first. To install a battery pack: Align the battery with the open battery bay; make sure that the end with the contacts will enter first, and that the top surface of the battery is facing up.
  • Seite 50: Taking Your Notebook Pc With You

    Taking your notebook PC with you This section gives you tips and hints to consider when moving around or traveling with your computer. Disconnecting from the desktop Follow these steps to disconnect your computer from external accessories: Save any open files. Remove any media, floppy disks or compact disks from the drive(s).
  • Seite 51: What To Bring To Meetings

    on. Note that the computer may enter Hibernation mode after being in Sleep mode for a period of time. What to bring to meetings If your meeting is relatively short, you probably do not need to bring anything with you other than your computer. If your meeting will be longer, or if your battery is not fully charged, you may want to bring the AC adapter with you to plug in your computer in the meeting room.
  • Seite 52: Setting Up A Home Office

    • Changes in temperature and humidity can cause condensation. Allow the computer to return to room temperature, and inspect the screen for condensation before turning on the computer. If the temperature change is greater than 10° C (18° F), allow the computer to come to room temperature slowly.
  • Seite 53: Preparing The Computer

    Preparing the computer Prepare the computer as you would normally prepare it for traveling. What to bring with you Bring the following items with you: • AC adapter • Power cords that are appropriate for the country to which you are traveling •...
  • Seite 54: Securing Your Computer

    Securing your computer Your computer is a valuable investment that you need to take care of. Learn how to protect and take care of your computer. Security features include hardware and software locks — a security notch and passwords. Using a computer security lock The notebook comes with a Kensington-compatible security slot for a security lock.
  • Seite 55: Entering Passwords

    Entering passwords When a password is set, a password prompt appears in the center of the display screen. • When the Supervisor Password is set, a prompt appears when you press <F2> to enter the BIOS utility at boot-up. • Type the Supervisor Password and press <Enter>...
  • Seite 56: Expanding Through Options

    Expanding through options Your notebook PC offers you a complete mobile computing experience. Connectivity options Ports allow you to connect peripheral devices to your computer as you would with a desktop PC. For instructions on how to connect different external devices to the computer, read the following section.
  • Seite 57: Built-In Network Feature

    Built-in network feature The built-in network feature allows you to connect your computer to an Ethernet- based network. To use the network feature, connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet (RJ-45) port on the chassis of the computer to a network jack or hub on your network.
  • Seite 58: Universal Serial Bus (Usb)

    Universal Serial Bus (USB) The USB 2.0 port is a high-speed serial bus which allows you to connect USB peripherals without taking up precious system resources.
  • Seite 59: Ieee 1394 Port

    IEEE 1394 port Note: Information in this section may not apply to your computer. The computer's IEEE 1394 port allows you to connect to an IEEE 1394-compatible device like a video camera or digital camera. See your video or digital camera's documentation for details.
  • Seite 60: Expresscard

    Use the HDMI port on your computer to connect with high-end audio and video equipment. Single cable implementation allows tidy setup and fast connection. ExpressCard Note: Information in this section may not apply to your computer. The ExpressCard is the newest version of the PC Card. It is a smaller and faster interface that further enhances the usability and expandability of your computer.
  • Seite 61: Inserting An Expresscard

    Inserting an ExpressCard Insert the card into the slot and push gently until it clicks into position. EXPRESS CARD Ejecting an ExpressCard Before ejecting an ExpressCard: Exit the application using the card. Left-click the remove hardware icon on the taskbar and stop the card operation. Push the card gently into the slot and release to pop out the card.
  • Seite 62 Replace the memory cover and secure it with the screw. Reinstall the battery pack, and reconnect the AC adapter. Turn on the computer. The computer automatically detects and reconfigures the total memory size. Please consult a qualified technician or contact your local Acer dealer.
  • Seite 63: Enjoying Tv With Windows Media Center

    Enjoying TV with Windows Media Center Note: This feature is only available on certain models. Computers that include Windows Media Center Edition or InstantOn Arcade may be used to watch TV and to access video content (via an audio/video connection to an external device, such as a video camera).
  • Seite 64: To Connect The Digital Antenna

    To connect the digital antenna Plug the antenna cable into the RF jack of your computer. Notebook Note: Do not twist or loop the antenna cable. Extend the antenna cable up to 20 cm to improve signal quality. Watching TV with an external antenna or cable socket You may use conventional TV cables (connected to an external antenna or cable socket) to watch TV on your computer.
  • Seite 65: Bios Utility

    Connect the other end to your TV cable, using the cable converter if necessary. Important! Please ensure you use the correct cable system for your region before attempting to connect the antenna cable. BIOS utility The BIOS utility is a hardware configuration program built into your computer's BIOS.
  • Seite 66: Using Software

    Using software Playing DVD movies Note: This feature is only available on certain models. When the DVD drive module is installed in the optical drive bay, you can play DVD movies on your computer. Eject the DVD. Important! When you launch the DVD player for the first time, the program asks you to enter the region code.
  • Seite 67: Using A Bluetooth Connection

    Using a Bluetooth connection Bluetooth is a technology enabling you to transfer data wirelessly over short distances between many different types of devices. Bluetooth-enabled devices include computers, cell phones, tablets, wireless headsets, and keyboards. To use Bluetooth, you must ensure the following: 1.
  • Seite 68: Adding A Bluetooth Device

    Select the Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer check box, click Apply, and then click OK. The Bluetooth adapter in your computer is now enabled and ready for you to add Bluetooth devices. To disable your computer’s Bluetooth adapter, do the following: 1.
  • Seite 69 Click on the device you want to add. A code displays on your computer, which should match the code displayed on your device. Select Yes. Then, accept the pairing from your device. Note: Some devices using older versions of the Bluetooth technology require both devices to enter a PIN.
  • Seite 70 printers. Right cilck on your device and select Advanced Operations > Connect to operation window. The operation window enables you to play music and audio from your device through your computer, send files to your device and change Bluetooth settings.
  • Seite 71: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This chapter shows you how to deal with common system problems. Read it before calling a technician if a problem occurs. Solutions to more serious problems require opening up the computer. Do not attempt to open the computer yourself; contact your dealer or authorized service center For assistance. Troubleshooting tips This notebook PC incorporates an advanced design that delivers onscreen error message reports to help you solve problems.
  • Seite 72 Error messages Corrective action Memory size mismatch Press <F2> (during POST) to enter the BIOS utility, then press Exit in the BIOS utility to reboot. If you still encounter problems after going through the corrective measures, please contact your dealer or an authorized service center for assistance.
  • Seite 73: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions The following is a list of possible situations that may arise during the use of your computer. Easy solutions are provided for each one. I turned on the power, but the computer does not start or boot up. Look at the power indicator: •...
  • Seite 74: Requesting Service

    Place your proof-of-purchase in the flap located inside the front cover of the ITW passport. If the country you are traveling in does not have an Acer-authorized ITW service site, you can still get in contact with our offices worldwide. Please visit www.acer.com.