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Indoor videofunksystem
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Safety Precautions

The Video Transmission System
Do not block or obstruct air vents, as this may cause short circuits, fire or electric
shocks. Turn the device off immediately if it comes into contact with liquids.
The Power Supply
The device may be used with batteries or AC-DC power supplies of the voltage
specified on the device or in the enclosed documentation.
If batteries are used, please ensure that the batteries are compatible and have no
cracks or leaks.
Please use the enclosed power adapter. When using a third-party power adapter,
please ensure that the adapter conforms to the specifications of the device and has
the correct polarity.
Remove the power supply if:
The device will not be used for an extended period of time
The power cable is damaged
The exterior of the device is damaged.
Operating Environments
Due to current regulations governing the use of radio-based systems, this
device is authorised for indoor use with the pre-installed channels five and six
(by law, "indoor use" is defined as use in a building including places
assimilated thereto in which the shielding will typically provide the necessary
Do not place the device on metallic surfaces, to ensure effective data transfer.
Do not place the device on dirty or damp surfaces.
Do not use the device in the proximity of water or in high humidity, near open
fires or gas pipes, or near electrical mains.



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