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Indoor videofunksystem
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Transmission Information
The system's maximum possible range is dependent on each location's operating
conditions. The stated range of 700 metres cannot always be guaranteed.
Transmission takes place in a non-exclusive bandwidth. As a result, interference from
other devices operating in the 5GHz bandwidth may occur occasionally.
Transmission range may be affected by construction methods or materials used in
surrounding buildings. Environmental conditions such as humidity and the physical
surroundings may have an effect on transmission, irrespective of the transmitter or
The strength of the signal is also dependent on the correct positioning of the
antennas, as well as the location, height and angle of the transmitter and the receiver
to each other. If you are unable to achieve a stable transmission, try changing these
factors or choose a different frequency.
Due to the conscious decision not to implement the DFS System required for outdoor
use, the use of this system may impact other radio systems such as air traffic control
or weather radar systems. DwarfConnection hereby declares that it has informed
purchasers of this system of its legal and appropriate use within the guidelines of the
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and assumes no
responsibility for any consequences resulting from inappropriate use of these devices.



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