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Flow Diagram; Spare Parts - HANSGROHE PuraVida 15775403 Gebrauchsanleitung / Montageanleitun

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Flow diagram

(see page 11)
free flow
(see page 13)
Insufficient water
Crossflow, hot water being forced
into cold water pipe, or vice versa,
when mixer is closed
Spout temperature does not cor-
respond with temperature set
Temperature regulation not possible
Safety stop button not operating
Valve stiff
Shower or spout dripping
- Supply pressure inadequate
- Regulator filter dirty
- Shower filter seal dirty
- Backflow preventers dirty or leaking
- Thermostat has not been adjusted
- Hot water temperature too low
- Temperature regulator dirty or calci-
- For new installations: basic body in-
correctly connected (should be: cold
right, hot left) or installed with 180º
- Spring defective
- push button calcified / contaminated
- Shut-off unit damaged
- Dirt or sedimentation on valve seat,
shut-off unit damaged
Assembly see page 4

Spare parts

(see page 12)
Special accessories (see page 15)
order as an extra
• extension 22 mm;
#15597000, #13597000
• extension 25 mm;
- Check water pressure (If a pump
has been installed check to see if
the pump is working).
- Clean filter in front of the mixer
and on the MTC-thermo cartridge
- Clean filter seal between shower
and hose
- Clean backflow preventers, ex-
change if necessary
- Adjust thermostat
- Increase hot water temperature to
42 ºC to 65 ºC
- Clean temperature regulator, ex-
change if necessary
- Install function block turned
through 180º
- Clean spring and/or button, ex-
change if necessary
- Exchange shut-off unit
- Clean or exchange shut-off unit



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