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Safety Notes; Symbol Description; Installation Instructions; Operation - HANSGROHE PuraVida 15775403 Gebrauchsanleitung / Montageanleitun

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Safety Notes
Gloves should be worn during installation to prevent
crushing and cutting injuries.
The product may only be used for bathing, hygienic
and body cleaning purposes.
Children as well as adults with physical, mental and/
or sensoric impairments must not use this product
without proper supervision. Persons under the influ-
ence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from using
this product.
The hot and cold supplies must be of equal pres-
Installation Instructions
• Prior to installation, inspect the product for transport
damages. After it has been installed, no transport or
surface damage will be honoured.
• The pipes and the fixture must be installed, flushed
and tested as per the applicable standards.
• The plumbing codes applicable in the respective
countries must be observed.
Technical Data
Operating pressure:
Recommended operating pressure:
Test pressure:
(1 MPa = 10 bar = 147 PSI)
Hot water temperature:
Recommended hot water temp.:
Thermal disinfection:
• Safety against backflow
• The product is exclusively designed for drinking water!
max. 1 MPa
0,1 - 0,5 MPa
1,6 MPa
max. 70°C
max. 65°C
max. 70°C / 4 min
Symbol description
Do not use silicone containing acetic acid!
Adjustment (see page 8)
After the installation, the output tempera-
ture of the thermostat must be checked. A
correction is necessary if the temperature
measured at the output differs from the
temperature set on the thermostat.
Safety Function (see page 8)
The desired maximum temperature for exam-
ple max. 42º C can be pre-set thanks to the
safety function.
Maintenance (see page 10)
• To guarantee the smooth running of the
thermostat, it is necessary from time to
time to turn the thermostat from total hot
to total cold.
• The mixer is equipped with check valves.
The check valves must be checked
regularly according to DIN EN 1717 in
accordance with national or regional
regulations (at least once a year).


(see page 12)
(see page 13)



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