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Safety Notes - Grohe Blue HOME Handbuch

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Safety notes

This device may be used by children over
8 years of age, as well as persons with
physical, sensory, or mental disabilities or
inadequate experience and knowledge, if
they are under supervision or were
instructed in the safe use of the device and
understand the resulting risks.
Children must not play with the device.
Cleaning and user maintenance must not
be carried out by children without
Prevent danger resulting from damaged
power supply cables. In the case of
damage, the mains cable must be
replaced by the manufacturer or his
customer service department, or an
equally qualified person.
(carbon dioxide) is a gas and must
not be inhaled due to danger of
suffocation. Only CO
450g may be used. When using these,
the floor space must be at least 4 m
The CO
cylinder is pressurised. It must
only be operated in the vertical position.
• The enclosed mains cable and a standard IEC
connector box according to IEC 60320-C13 is to
be connected exclusively to a hedged with at
least 10A and FI protection switch appropriate
electrical outlet.
• The system must not be transported with the
cylinder connected.
• The CO
cylinder must not be maintained or
repaired by unauthorised persons.
• During cleaning, do not spray the cooler/
carbonator or the plug directly or indirectly with
• The cooler/carbonator must be connected to a
permanent power supply.
cylinders up to max.
• At the installation location, the cooler/carbonator,
cylinder and filter system must be protected
from mechanical damage, heat and direct
• Do not install near heat sources or an open fire.
• The cooler/carbonator must be placed in an
upright position.
• The cooler/carbonator must not be opened.
• Installation of the fitting and cooler/carbonator
with filter cartridge is only permitted in frost-free
• The cooler/carbonator is only suitable for indoor
• Adequate ventilation must be ensured. If
necessary, provide ventilation grilles in the cover
of the lower cabinet.
• When transporting or installing the cooler/
carbonator, cooling fluid may have run into the
lines. In order to ensure that the cooling fluid has
run back, the cooler/carbonator may only be
installed following a pause of 24 hours.
• For optimal cooling performance, the system will
require a rest period of 6 hours after the
• Note:
The cleaning kit (Prod. no.: 40 434 001) and the
accompanying adapter (Prod. no.: 40 694 000 or
40 699 000) could be ordered at
• After installing the cooler carbonator must not
be disconnected from the power.
• The fitting has a system-related run-on time of
approx. 1 second each time carbonated water is
• Use only genuine replacement parts and
accessories. The use of other parts will result in
voiding of the warranty and the CE identification,
and could lead to injuries.
• The filter head must be replaced after 5 years by
the GROHE service.
The cooler/carbonator works with environmentally-
friendly refrigerant.

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