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Technical Specifications - Conrad 11 02 34 Bedienungsanleitung

Solar - edelstahlleuchte
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Defective accumulators and accumulators that cannot be rechar-
ged or used any more (old accumulators) are considered as spe-
cial waste and must be disposed of in an environmentally compa-
tible way. Used accumulators and accumulators that cannot be
recharged any more can be given back free of charge at the
collecting boxes provided by your municipality, our branches or at
the shops that sell batteries or accumulators.
• Always observe the safety instructions.
Put the stainless steel solar lamp only into operation after it has been exposed to
direct sunlight for at least 36 hours (in the course of 3 or 4 days). Otherwise the
accumulator is not completely charged.

Technical specifications

Type of accumulator
: NiMH, size AA (= round cell), 2 x 1,2 volt / 1300 mAh
Light bulb
: 4 x white LEDs
Solar cells
: mono crystalline cell structure; 2,4 V nominal voltage
Shining time
: approx. 8 hours provided that the accumulator is
completely charged (information of the manufacturer)
• When you are searching for a place where to put the product, please take the
angle of insolation in the morning, at midday and in the afternoon into considerati-
on. If the insolation is angled, if there is shadow due to trees or bushes, etc., if the-
re is not much sun (cloudy) or if there is artificial light, the charging time increases.
• At least 8 hours/day with direct sunlight without shadow, e.g. due to trees or bus-
hes, are required to ensure a correct operation.
• Keep electrical appliances, in this case lamps, out of reach of children.
• In commercial and industrial facilities the regulations for the prevention of acci-
dents as laid down by the professional association for electrical equipment and
devices need to be observed.
• The stainless steel solar lamp must have been exposed to direct sunlight for at
least 36 hours before you put it into operation for the first time in order to charge
the accumulator completely (switch it off at night and switch it on the next day,
repeat this procedure for a period of three sunny days).
• Do not knock with a hammer on the earth rod or on the solar cell during the moun-
ting. The earth rod and/or the solar cell may be irreparably damaged.
Installation, putting-into-operation
a) Installation
a1 Use of the earth nails
• For the mounting with earth nails put the lamp in the preferred place and press the
earth nails through the openings at the basis of the lamp into the not too dry gro-
und. Only use the supplied earth nails. Do not use tent pins or anything similar.
a2 Use of the screws and dowels
• Put the lamp in the preferred place. Make sure that the underground shows a suf-
ficient mechanical strength (plaster and high resistance foam are unsuitable).
• Mark the drill holes with a soft pencil, drill 50 mm deep mounting holes with a sto-
ne drill and insert the dowels (size 11, 50 mm long).
• Fasten the stainless steel solar lamp with the supplied screws (size 6). Use a suita-
ble screwdriver for recessed-head screws..7