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Safety Instructions - Conrad .57 39 34 Bedienungsanleitung

Solarleuchte aluminium


Solar Lamp Aluminium
Order No. 57 39 33
Solar Lamp Aluminium, changing colours
Order No. 57 39 34
Intended use
The product is a solar lamp intended for use in gardens and on terraces. The solar lamp can be
used for orientation, to illuminate paths at night or for decorative illumination.
The battery is charged during the day using the integrated solar cell. The solar lamp switches on
the light automatically when darkness falls, and the battery provides the energy for the light. The
light source is from one LED (light emitting diode). Light emitting diodes are relatively bright, but
consume little current. The light of the solar lamp automatically switches off during the day, when
there is sufficient ambient light. The lamp is intended for private use and not for commercial use.
Use of this device in any other way than described above is not permitted.
This product complies with the applicable National and European specifications.

Safety Instructions

Please read through the instructions completely, they contain important
information. The warranty will be void for damage arising from non-compli-
ance with these operating instructions. We do not assume any liability for any
consequential damage! We do not assume any liability for material and per-
sonal damage caused by improper use or non-compliance with the safety
instructions! The warranty is voided in such case!
• For safety and approval (CE) reasons, unauthorised conversion and/or modifications to the
product are not permitted.
• The solar lamp must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, excessive vibrations or strong
mechanical loads, as these damage the product.
• Use the product with great care, as it can be damaged by a knock, a push or even a fall from
a low height. A damaged device must no longer be used and must be disposed of.
• Only operate the solar lamp with the rechargeable battery, do not use ordinary batteries as
these must not be recharged. They might explode!
• Do not leave the packing material laying around, as it can be a dangerous toy for a child!
Danger of suffocation!
• This product is not a toy, and should be kept out of the reach of children. Children cannot see
the danger arising from the incorrect use of electrical devices.
• The product is adequately protected against damp and rain. However, it must not be exposed
to direct and powerful hose water. The product must not be installed directly in water, e.g. in a
garden pond.
• The product is not designed to carry a load. This will damage the product.
• If you have any questions that are not answered in this instruction manual, please contact our
technical support centre or consult a professional. Please consult a specialist if you have any
doubts regarding the use or safety of the product.
• LED light
• The light switches on and off automatically, depending on the ambient light
Installation of the Solar Lamp
The solar lamp must not be placed in water. Be careful not to locate the solar
lamp where deep puddles can form. Put it on a level surface. Make sure the
solar lamp is placed safely. Do not use any force, this will damage the prod-
uct. Place the solar lamp in a way so that nobody can trip over it.
Select a suitable place to set up the solar lamp, e.g. the edge of a terrace, a garden path or a
flower bed.
Version 02/09
• Attach the light cover with the intermediate aluminium tube to the
stand tube.
• Attach the earth spike with the intermediate aluminium tube to the
stand tube.
• Push the solar lamp, with your hands, carefully into soft ground
(lawn, flowerbed, or similar). Do not push directly onto the solar
cell, but on the metal rim of the lamp shade, otherwise the solar
cell may break. Do not use any force, this will damage the product.
The operating switch is located on the light cover of the solar lamp and has two switch positions.
Switch position "OFF"
Switch position "ON"
The switch is in position "OFF" on delivery. Pull off the light cover from the
stand tube. Open the lamp cover. To do this, turn the lower part of the light
cover counter-clockwise. The base of the light cover can now be removed.
Slide the operating switch to the "ON" position.
Order No. 57 39 34:
Solar Lamp with Four LEDs in Different Colours (White, Blue, Green, Amber). Three different
colour functions can be selected with the function switch.
DAY: The solar lamp is lit with a different colour every night (white, blue, green,
SEC: The solar lamp changes colour approx. every second.
FAX: With this function, a colour is chosen, in which the solar lamp lights every night. Slide the
function switch to position SEC. When the appropriate LED flashes, quickly slide the function
switch to position FAX. The solar lamp is lit accordingly by the selected LED every night.
Handling the Solar Lamp
The performance of the solar lamp varies according to the season, depending on the hours of
sunlight and the strength of the sun.
In extended periods without sufficient sunlight (esp. in the winter) the charged state of the bat-
teries can be too low to light for a longer time. The battery stores less energy during the day than
it consumes at night. Thus, the lighting duration is inevitably reduced. This could also mean that
the battery runs completely flat and be damaged as a result. Repeat the process "initial charg-
ing phase" described above, to recharge the battery on sunny days.
The nightly illumination time of the solar lamp depends on the charge state of
the rechargeable battery. For the battery to be charged optimally, the product
should be located in such a way that the solar cell receives long hours of sun
shine during the day. Make sure that the solar cell is not covered or shaded.
Therefore, do not place the solar lamp under bushes, trees, porches, etc.,
because this reduces the incident rays of light. In this case, the rechargeable
battery may not be charged fully.
Do not place the solar lamp directly next to other light sources. Yard lights,
street lights, etc. can disturb the automatic activation of the solar light at
Make sure that the electric wiring is not damaged during installation.
Therefore, before installing do make sure that there are no utility conduits
(water, electricity, etc.) running through the spot chosen.
The light of the solar lamp is turned off. The battery is charged
via the solar cell during the day.
Slide the switch to "ON". The solar lamp is switched on. In the
case of low ambient light, the solar lamp lights automatically
and turns off again in normal ambient light. The battery is
charged via the solar cell during the day.
In the initial charging period, the solar lamp needs approx. 36 – 48 hours of
solar radiation to charge the battery. This is why the solar lamp should be
deactivated during charging (switch position "OFF"). The rechargeable bat-
tery is charged during the day, the solar lamp is not switched on during night
time. Thus, the battery can be fully charged.
If you turn the solar lamp on during this initial charging period (switch posi-
tion "ON"), the LED light is activated automatically in the dark and the incom-
pletely charged battery is discharged again. The rechargeable battery cannot
then achieve its full capacity.
Light cover
Stand tube
Earth spike



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